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Or Call On: +91 8080 62 1001



gControl is advance access control for G Suite, gControl provides the admin an additional set of controls to meet the enterprise needs of better access control of G Suite on the Cloud.

Unified customer data and insights.
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Custom Login Page :

Customize the Login with your Corporate brand with gControl

Landing Page Post Login :

Force the user to a Landing Page or Google Sites Portal after login.

Advance Password Policy:

Enforce Complex Password and Expiration on G Suite

Forgot Password:

Reduce the Password Reset Request on your Helpdesk

Access Control:

Enforce IP & Time based restriction for all or subset of users

Login Broadcast:

Broadcast any Important Message to users after they login

Consumer Gmail Block:

Block Personal Gmail use in Corporate Network

Device Management:

Restrict the user to access the G Suite from a particular device i.e. laptop/desktop