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Or Call On: +91 8080 62 1001


  • Do you want to monitor your users emails?
  • Do you want a reliable email & office solution on cloud from Microsoft?
  • Are you looking for a 100% reliable and secure mail solution?
  • Do you want Online & Offline Microsoft office for your organisation?


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Microsoft Office 365

Saves time, cost & much more!
Microsoft Office 365 - Shivaami

Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Access your business mail online anytime, anywhere.

Are you worried about the unorganised documentation of your office eating into your precious storage space? If yes, we, at Shivaami, offer you a solution that is economical as well as effective-the Microsoft Office 365 Plan for Business!

This plan is like a complete communication suite that has everything your business needs to integrate the routine processes. A business owner like you can get reliable access, excellent storage and a whole lot more with this communication suite. It is all that you need to organise your business processes.

Ms Office 365 Features

Here is a quick look at the features of the Microsoft Office 365 plan for business:

  • It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Literally put, it’s a no strings attached communication suite that allows you to gain maximum advantage.
  • All professional tools like business email, messenger, social media marketing, etc. are already a part of this suite giving you more leverage.
  • Teamwork becomes easier and faster
  • Setup and management is really easy and does not require too much effort
  • Built in security that guarantees complete safety of your data
  • Cloud storage options that could possibly eliminate all your worries about managing data storage.
  • Seamless integration into other devices giving your work the mobility that it requires
Office 365 Business Plans - Shivaami