Digital technology has made communicating more simple than ever. With the number of email exchanges on the rise, companies need a solution that can help them shoot millions of emails at one go. NeuMails is an email marketing platform for sending out transactional and promotional emails.

The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating and managing email lists, and campaigns, and generating extensive analytical reports and statistics. With its help, companies can market their products to a far wider audience while increasing their reach.

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Efficient, full of features, and simple to use interface email marketing channel.


Expert in solving all problems related to bulk email marketing.

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Bug fixes along with regular updates to keep up with the digitization pace.


Reach more customers and get higher deliverability, open and click rate.


Fine-tune your email strategy and help get yourself more business.

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Benefits of



With an overview dashboard, users can easily view the count of the number of email lists, campaigns, subscribers, and email templates along with a detailed recent activity report.

Email List Tools

With the email list tools, users can split a large list into multiple smaller ones for better analysis.

Email List Management

Unlimited email lists, list subscribers, list segments, custom fields, list forms, and list pages can be created and managed.


SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are used to improve email delivery.

Create API Keys

Create API keys to enable third-party applications to connect to your account and do tasks like adding new subscribers, generating campaigns, and so on.



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NeuMails allows companies to send high volumes of emails to promote their products.

Users can also create and manage email lists, and campaigns and generate analytical reports.

Dashboard showcases a number of email lists, campaigns, and subscribers and is very important for getting an overview.