Neverware's CloudReady

CloudReady is the free and easy-to-handle operating system that can help a user to convert traditional desktop into a modernized Chrome device. It is built to gain security level, revamp the operating system and manage the overall business operations effectively. With this OS, one can streamline the business activities, secure their devices and access several web applications and Virtual Device Infrastructure (VDI).

Trusted by the leading organizations of the world, CloudReady is based on Google’s Chromium OS. Google’s Chromium OS has the same architecture as the Chrome operating system. As a Google Partner, Shivaami ensures to provide your business with CloudReady OS and its unparalleled features with no hardware hassles. With it, one can secure the Chrome environment and confidently embrace the cloud infra too.


If You Have These Questions

Looking for a secured and flexible operating system?

Wish to embrace cloud resources?

Do you want a scalable Chrome device environment?

Is device security a priority?

Features of CloudReady

Simplified Management
This OS is a simple and easy-to-manage operating system designed to give your device an all-new look. One can control and secure the device via Google’s Admin Console.
Secure By Design
With CloudReady’s security-focused design, a business can receive seamless background updates, auto user data encryption, a secured sandboxing and best browsing experience.
Real Transformation
This OS lets a user convert digitally any old or even brand new notebook or desktop into a modernized and full-fledged Chromebook. Its sophisticated features enable transformation.
Maximum Compatibility
CloudReady is a certified OS to run on 300+ desktops, laptops and MAC devices. With this, a user can eliminate to purchase expensive desktops and can use existing ones.

Benefits of CloudReady

CloudReady is the fast, simple way for the users to embrace their existing device and Google ecosystem. It has 3 editions viz Home, Education and Enterprise and so many benefits for a user.

Modernized IT Infrastructure
With Cloud Ready, a user can get access to an OS and can build from the ground up for their cloud infrastructure. Moreover, this OS modernizes IT infra and gives better security.
Virtual App and Security
When a user uses CloudReady with the virtual app, one can effectively bridge the gap between the old device and new. This gives the flexibility to run apps in a secure and modern OS of the device.
Media-Rich Browsing Experience
This OS allows a user to run any app seamlessly and provides a media-rich device experience. One can pick from a wide range of app virtualization tools and boost performance.
Immediate Cost Savings
Choosing to move to an operating system like CloudReady, Chrome OS for your existing device will substantially cost lower than investing in the all-new device. One will experience upfront cost-savings.

CloudReady Editions


  • For
  • Tinkerers
  • Parents and Students
  • Those looking for a better OS
  • What’s included

  • Automatic security and feature updates


  • For
  • Public and private schools
  • Districts, MATs, and LEAs
  • Other educational institutions
  • What’s included

    Same as Home Edition+

  • Email and phone support
  • Full compatibility with Chrome management and the Google Admin Console


  • For
  • Startups and small businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Public sector orgs and government
  • Other entities
  • What’s included

    Same as Education Edition+

  • Professional support for deployment and configuration from pilot to purchase

Why Shivaami?

Shivaami is a Cloud Solutions Company helping clients realize the exciting potential of the cloud to help their businesses grow. We are a leading cloud service company, providing cloud solutions, deployment, and data migration services since 2004. We are an authorized partner of Google, Office 365, and many more.
  • 12,000+ Satisfied Customers Across India
  • 24X7 Customer Support
  • 15+ Years of experience in Cloud Technology
  • 5 Offices in Key Indian Cities + 2 US Cities
  • 150+ Google Certified Professionals
  • Strong Understanding of Cloud Security


CloudReady is an operating system built, maintained and developed by Neverware. This OS uses web apps and cloud storage based on Google’s open source Chromium.

Google Voice Search and input functionality is not supported by the CloudReady currently.

Operating systems like CloudReady can convert the legacy and old device to all new Chrome desktops. Apart from reviving the machines, it is risk-free exploration.

The CloudReady OS requires a minimum of 16 GB of hard drive space.

CloudReady’s Mandatory Enterprise Enrollment is the new feature that allows an admin to require that any device installed under the Neverware Site ID will be enrolled for Chrome Enterprise management.