Google Vault

Google Apps Vault is one of the most secure way to search, retain, export or archive your business emails and chat messages. This web based service is aimed at helping clients meet their compliance needs, without having to spend massive amounts for additional software.

Here’s what Vault is all about

Store all your emails and chat messages. You can pre decide the period for which you want to retain the emails and chat history before they are deleted from the user mailbox and Google systems. You can specify the data retention policy for the entire organization.

The email and chat search option quickly allows you to retrieve chats and emails whether they are on hangouts or emails. It also supports Boolean and Wildcard operator in addition to Gmail.

Allows you to quickly search and retrieve valuable information, even if the user account is no longer valid. This is an incredible feature and allows organization to collect valuable information even if an employee has left the organization.

Preserve and protect all your data and information by placing legal holds. Legal holds can be placed on entire account of a user or on specific content on specified dates and terms.

Allows to quickly browse through the Google Drive of the organization’s domain through keywords, department , date or user. It retrieves all file types, including DOCX, PDF, JPG.

Audit report: Keep a tab on what your users have been doing on specific durations.

This feature loaded app comes with Google Apps for Education and Google Apps Unlimited. Other users can avail this at a small fee of INR 1500/- per Year per user.

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