Cloud Services

To meet the ever-changing demands in our increasingly digital world, workforces must be able to securely access and collaborate on internal systems and files anytime and from anywhere. To achieve this many businesses are now adopting the latest cloud technologies such as Google Workspace. It has revolutionized & changed the way we work, allowing us to do more with less.

You can get your team to work smarter, faster, and in real-time with the intelligently designed Google workspace tools.

With over 10 years of experience, Shivaami Cloud Services has been helping businesses simplify, secure & speed up their cloud transformation journey. We offer advice, installations, migration, support, cloud solutions, and everything in between.

Cloud Services

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Benefits of Cloud Services

Reduced IT Costs
Cloud Services helps you in reducing the maintenance cost of your IT systems. You can save money by utilizing the services of your cloud computing service provider rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your organization
Your company can swiftly scale up or down its operations and storage requirements to suit your demands, giving you more flexibility as your needs evolve. Instead of purchasing & installing expensive upgrades yourself, a cloud computing service provider can take care of it for you.
Moving to the cloud makes it easier for your resources to access the same set of files from different locations when you have a global team. File sharing applications and cloud-based workflows enable the team to make changes in real-time while maintaining complete transparency.
Work Flexibility
With a reliable internet connection, your employees can log in and work on the go from anywhere. Through the latest cloud services, your files and resources can be accessed from any device.
Data Security
It is a huge loss to the business when the data stored locally on the system is permanently lost. Instead, you can store your data in the cloud environment which provides enhanced security features & protection regardless of what happens to your device.
Disaster Recovery Solution
Disaster recovery systems are one of the most critical components for ensuring the smooth operation of businesses. Cloud-based security systems provide small businesses with a safe data backup and recovery solution in the event of a mishap or other emergency.

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Whether you're already moved to the cloud or considering cloud services, our expert team will learn about your business needs, find a solution that meets them, and ensure that your staff can start experiencing the benefits of cloud computing right away.

Benefit from our experience
Over the years of experience & catering to customers from different industries, our team of experts provides an effective strategy to help you migrate to the cloud with confidence.
Access to user training
Our team ensures that they work closely with your team to help educate and empower your employees about different applications and tools and how they can use them in their day-to-day operations.
Get help when you need it
We provide ongoing advice to accelerate and streamline cloud migration to ensure long-term success efficiency for our customers. We always work towards providing the right solution to support your long-term business goals.

Why Shivaami?

As Google Cloud Premier Partner and a Multiple award winner for Google Cloud, Shivaami Cloud Services has been deploying and implementing Google Workspace solutions for over 10000+ customers until now. If you are considering cloud migration or looking for a reliable cloud solution, Shivaami can help you to get a more scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution that brings profit and happiness into the lives of our customers.
  • Provide effective strategy for easy cloud migration
  • 24X7 Customer Support
  • 15+ Years of experience in Cloud Technology
  • 5 Offices in Key Indian Cities
  • 150+ Google Certified Professionals
  • Strong Understanding of Cloud Security


Cloud services can be described as the process of storing, managing, and processing data via a network of remote servers connected over the internet rather than locally. In simple terms, it is the use of someone else's infrastructure and hardware to reduce the amount of capital investments your company needs to make.

Companies choose to migrate to the cloud for a variety of reasons. The advantages of flexibility, scalability, cost savings, and so on are evaluated against worries about availability. It is important that you evaluate and assess all the important factors or you can get in touch with one of our experts to know how other customers have benefitted from shifting to the cloud.

You may save money on IT in a variety of ways by using cloud computing services. By switching to a cloud-based service, you can expect to save 20% to 80% on the cost of running a premises-based application (SaaS).

Storing your data in the cloud is much safer rather than using an on-premise storage facility. In addition, cloud infrastructure providers provide tools and modern architecture options for isolating workloads, encrypting data, and detecting potential threats.

Over the past 16 years, Shivaami has helped more than 10,000 customers across India move to cloud services from their legacy systems. We have a team of experienced professionals that provide our clients with the right cloud solutions, deployment, and data migration services.

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