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Or Call On: +91 8080 62 1001

Spanning Backup - Shivaami

Spanning (By Dell EMC)

Spanning Backup for G Suite & Office 365

Every business needs to have a backup and restoration system in place to prevent data loss and also to save space. To cater to our client’s backup needs, Shivaami along with Google bring you what we call as ‘The most trusted backup solution –Spanning Backup!’

Here’s what you get in the Spanning Backup

Allows users to backup automatically at the set time and even manual backups as per the requirements of your business

All the backup gets stored on the cloud, which means the users can store as much data as they want, without having to worry about disk space.

All the data secured and sealed by Certification TRUSTe. The users can rest assured that the privacy of their data is well protected with unique encryption keys before it is transmitted. The data channels too are secured with SSL as they get passed through the cloud.

Easy restoration of the data. If you know how to use Google app, you can restore your data easily.

No additional charges charged for increase in data storage. So, no matter how much data you want to store!

Easy interface

Plus, you get all the customer support from Shivaami, should you need help at any point of time, either at the time of taking the backup or while restoring the same.

With new, improved technologies creating massive impact on how businesses are run, it’s about time your business had a secure backup system!

At $48 per year per user, Spanning Backup is you best bet!