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Or Call On: +91 8080 62 1001

Spin Backup

Spin Backup - Shivaami

G Suite / Google Apps Backup

G Suite + Spinbackup = 100% Data Loss Protection

G Suite / Google Apps Data Loss Protection with Spinbackup

Over 50% of data loss issues are the result of the end-user mistakes. Losing data is stressy and financially challenging. Another case is the ransomware viruses may infect your computer and cloud storage. If you’re ever faced with a G Suite / Google Apps data accident deletion problem, you know there is no other solution to recover it, but to backup data to a separate cloud storage. It is preferred several backup storages for better protection.

Key Features

Automated Backup : Encrypted, Automated Daily Backup to a secure cloud storage.
Restore : 100% accurate recovery using the same folders hierarchy
Deletion Control : Lost & Found folder informs you what files were deleted
Local Downloads : Download backed up data from your Spinbackup account to any device
Migration : 4 types of data migration from one Google account to another one
Version Control : Every version of your document is under your control.
Fast Search : Fast, easy search for yours backed up items to help you recover lost data immediately.
Activity Reports : Weekly and monthly reports are available to monitor data loss protection status.