Zoho Workdrive

Zoho WorkDrive is online file sync, storage and collaboration platform designed for businesses. The tool gives your team a unified, secure workspace to share, store and work together on files in real time. Moreover, Zoho WorkDrive helps to organize and manage work files seamlessly.

Being one of the most favourable platforms for collaboration, it possesses Team Folders that allow teams to work together securely. Additionally, you get the Zoho Office Suite Editors and get complete access stats at the team level. It fulfills the mobility needs and sync with various apps.

Zoho Workdrive

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Looking for a simple yet effective Email marketing platform?

Are you looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use webinar tool?

Wish to have a large data storage?

Do you want an effective IT system management tool?

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an effective and lightweight conferencing tool that enables the team to host virtual meetings, share screen and video collaboration. This tool is designed for businesses with multiple teams located at different places for effective collaboration in real time. It has an integrated audio conference facility that enables to share desktop and conduct one-to-one virtual meetings.

With this tool, a business can host unlimited meetings and webinars to connect with the prospects, make presentations, polls, Q&A Session for their better understanding and also get detailed analytics reports..

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is an effective email marketing tool designed to build, deliver and scrutinize the email campaigns activities in order to boost sales and customer base. Specially built to streamline the marketing process, the tool can help to expand the overall brand reach as it seamlessly integrates with many third-party apps such as G Suite, Zoho CRM.

There are innumerable pre-designed templates available that can help a business to design effective marketing campaigns in real time. Zoho Campaigns is a robust tool that can help to personalize and automate email interactions, increase customer engagement for effective marketing campaigns.

Zoho Campaigns

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Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a flexible, cloud-based support desk that allows you to easily manage your customer support. Zoho Desk enables you to conveniently allocate, monitor, and set up alerts on support desk tickets. For your company, you can personalize Zoho Desk and ensure customer satisfaction.

Key features include tickets for customer service, a platform for customer support, contract management, and creating reports. The solution gathers and presents interactions from different channels such as email, phone, chat, social media, a self-service platform, and forms all in one place.

Customers also benefit from the Zoho Desk as it allows them to find timely and adequate support without going too far. Zoho Desk gathers together all the employees from various departments and empowers them to give a unified customer experience.

Zoho ServiceDesk Plus

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The Members section in the Admin Console can help to display the team members list. It can also help to view a summarized list of the total number of team members.

Email Marketing is considered the simple and most effective method to reach out your leads and prospects. To create an effective email campaigns, follow the steps:

  • Add basic details for Email Campaigns
  • Configure the content
  • Selecting your Email Recipients
  • Sending your Email Campaigns
  • Scheduling the Campaigns

Add a touch to the email campaigns with easy-to-use merge tabs help tailoring the subject to the audience.

  • Using Emoji in email subject line
  • Personalize your recipients
  • Personalize sender details using dynamic data
  • Personalize sender details using Zoho CRM Data

Zoho Meeting is a secure space for hosting online meetings and webinars. All transmissions are sent through SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocols that are the industry standard security practice.

A workstation’s name Mac Address and Service Tag are the unique identifiers of a workstation.

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