How to Choose the Right CRM Software for Your Business {Complete Guide}

Punit Thakker/ March 20, 2021/ CRM Solutions/ 0 comments

You know how important consumer relationships can be to succeed as a company owner or a decision-maker in a business. They are not only likely to purchase more products from you when a customer is happy and pleased, but also to tell others about your product when asked for a recommendation. So, it is important to incorporate a Customer Relationship

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Coronavirus and the Big Shift to Cloud

Punit Thakker/ March 17, 2021/ Productivity/ 1 comments

In just a few month’s time, the COVID-19 crisis has brought years of companies revenue down and it shattered the way people were operating their businesses. Companies were struggling to meet the deadlines and many important operations were put on hold. Many of them took up the least temporary solutions to meet the new demands and assumed that this crisis

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