Chrome Solutions

Chrome Solutions consist of products and services that run on Chrome OS to enhance your business productivity. Products have built-in security options and help transform legacy systems into modernized devices. Secure and fast, these solutions are perfect for business.


A standard and ultra-portable laptop, Chromebook delivers a new level of productivity and mobility to your business. Built on the Chrome operating system, it is a flexible and easy-to-use professional device that helps businesses to overcome challenges and get their work...


A data center for your desktop, phone, and tablet where you can access all files you need including Google services. Chromebox runs on the Chrome operating system. It generally features a power switch, a set of connections...

Chrome Enterprise

Google Chrome Enterprise is the business-focused solution for Chrome devices, browser, and operating system. Chrome Enterprise offers cloud-based management tools, integrations with third-party products and 24X7 support for IT administrators.

Google Meet Hardware Kit

The Google Meet Hardware Kit (Formerly known as Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit) is a curated set of components, designed to bring robust, intelligent, and affordable video meetings to your conference room. The refreshed Google Meet Hardware Kit is a secure and reliable video conferencing solution for organizations of all sizes.

Chrome OS Flex

Management of legacy systems, slow boot times, and invasive updates waste the time of IT employees. Chrome OS provides a seamless working experience for IT organizations.