Cloud Solution – Debunking one myth at a time

Punit Thakker/ February 24, 2022/ Cloud Solution/ 0 comments

You may have heard the phrase, “Do not fear change.” Well, in that context, the reality is that there is no benefit to ignoring change. Cloud technology has been revolutionizing the global IT industry, affecting both the way companies operate internally and how they serve their customers. It is enabling companies to go digital—and many companies have embraced the change.

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Cloud Computing: A Look At The Future Trends in 2022

Punit Thakker/ February 4, 2022/ Cloud Solution/ 0 comments

In the future, most businesses will consist of millennial professionals who are tech-savvy and are comfortable working with the latest technologies. These new technological workers are called native workers, who are well versed with future trends in the cloud computing industry and will be using them regularly for work and communication. You have been wondering about the latest cloud trends,

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