Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Organizations need new technologies to work seamlessly and effortlessly to move forward in this dynamic and disruptive world. Enabling digitalization and modernization; Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is a simple and developer-friendly cloud platform that offers a range of infrastructure and platform services. It also has serverless platforms to build resilient, durable, and scalable applications of top form for your business. One of the biggest cloud providers, GCP caters to all the cloud computing needs of organizations, especially SMBs.

As more and more organizations are moving towards hybrid and cloud-native computing, the Google Cloud Platform acts as a perfect tool for their business needs. It helps businesses in computing and storing data, helping developers build, test, and deploy applications.

With 19 years of experience, Shivaami can help businesses with application transformations, cloud migrations, managed services, and billing services. We also provide consultation and advisory services.

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Google Cloud Platform


Global Presence

Services powered by Google Cloud can be accessed and managed from anywhere without compromising security. This helps businesses in reaching their customers globally.

Competitive Prices

Google Cloud Platform provides highly competitive prices as compared to other players in the market, which gives an edge to Google. All the services are available under the Pay-As-You-Go model, which also provides the flexibility to discontinue at any point in time.

Better Security

Security is an integral part of any organization. Understanding this, Google Cloud Platform provides an array of security features which includes monitoring logs of cloud activity, data encryption, and disaster recovery plans.

Better Collaboration

GCP stores all data in the cloud; where users are assigned GCP basic and custom RBAC roles which makes collaboration easy while maintaining access control.

Serverless Technology

With the fully managed serverless technology of GCP, organizations can focus on developing highly scalable applications and functions easily. Serverless technology dynamically scales your services up or down and you pay only for what you use.

Container Native Solutions

Google Cloud Platform provides innovative and robust container-native services that can be used in public clouds, bare metal servers, and on-premise data centers.

Google Cloud Platform

Services We Offer

Cloud Migration

At Shivaami, the partner of Google Cloud, we offer cloud migration services to businesses. We assess, analyze and prepare the landing page for shifting any legacy, modern, and container workload from on-premises or public cloud environments to GCP.


With tremendous growth, comes the management of multiple business verticals. Our cloud solution architects will help your business by providing scalable and resilient customized solutions for your business transformation and expansion.

Managed Services

Our cloud experts help you focus on your real business objectives, while we manage your services. We help you in maintaining, monitoring, optimizing, and configuring your services.

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Shivaami is a Cloud Solutions Company helping clients realize the exact potential of the cloud to help their businesses grow. We are a leading cloud service company, providing cloud solutions, deployment, and data migration services since 2004. Offering certification, compliance, cloud security and security testing services is also something we excel at. On top of this, we also provide cloud security products such as VMCs, GoDMARC, BIMI, GoSimulator and SSL. We are an authorized Google Workspace reseller in India and work from key cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Surat. We also operate from New Jersey & San Francisco in the US.

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A suite of cloud services hosted on Google’s infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform is a public cloud computing platform that offers services and tools for organizations.

Advantages of using the Google Cloud Platform include better performance over other hosting services and quick and efficient security and server updates.

Google has developed GCP keeping in mind the various needs of organizations. From helping in data storage to building applications, GCP provides an array of services that are beneficial for businesses.