The Chrome factor: Light, speedy way to make IT work

Punit Thakker/ September 21, 2022/ Chrome Solutions/ 0 comments

One of the things that bind every business together irrespective of the size, industry, or headcount, is the need to boost operational efficiency and outcome with greater usage of technology. A few years back, you could have still insisted on relying on what had worked so far. But now as your business navigates its way out of the pandemic whirlpools,

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Chromebook vs. Traditional Laptop: Which is the right one for you?

Punit Thakker/ May 19, 2021/ Chrome Solutions/ 0 comments

The decision to choose the right laptop can be quite exhausting. If you are contemplating the same on your laptop purchase, you might have heard about the new kind of laptop called “Chromebook.” A Chromebook & a traditional laptop, the two are however very different. So what’s the difference between them? We will be taking you through each feature so

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