Cloud Security

Security is integral for businesses, specifically for business organizations that are on the cloud.
Employees share and work on multiple files in real-time. Therefore security becomes all the more significant. We provide various cloud security products that include,

SSL Certificate

When it comes to running a website, trust and security are of paramount importance. Customers need to be sure that their data is safe and secure. That is the only way a service provider can earn their trust.


Go-Simulator has developed tools that can mimic hundreds of genuine email attacks, allowing you to find and rectify any flaws in your system. This also lets users choose the types of attacks they wish to replicate along with generating detailed data on the response of these attacks. On top of this, GoSimulator helps employees to learn how to detect ...


Spammers have recently discovered that email is a handy method to exploit users' faith in well-known companies. Simply including a well-known brand's logo in an email provides instant credibility in the eyes of many users. DMARC is the go-to product for companies and users who want...

Verified Mark Certificates

VMCs are for users who are tired of using generic initials and want to amplify their engagement while increasing the visibility of their brand. Verified mark certificates are digital certificates that display your organization’s logo next to the brand name in your customer’s email inbox...