Coronavirus and the Big Shift to Cloud

Punit Thakker/ March 17, 2021/ Productivity/ 1 comments

In just a few month’s time, the COVID-19 crisis has brought years of companies revenue down and it shattered the way people were operating their businesses.

Companies were struggling to meet the deadlines and many important operations were put on hold. Many of them took up the least temporary solutions to meet the new demands and assumed that this crisis would end soon.

It was clear that Pandemic was creating an urgency to move to cloud services.

To stay competitive in the market and the economic environment you would need to adopt new strategies and practices.

This is where Shivaami Cloud Services came to the rescue for many SMEs ( Small Medium Entrepreneurs ) who were struggling to get on board with the cloud solutions. Many of the services were made possible because of the cloud services.

  • Effective planning for Cloud Migration

Shivaami created smart plans and strategies for companies that were new to cloud solutions.

Many organizations were using legacy systems and had several on-site servers to operate their business.

We came up with plans to safely migrate all of their applications and software from the legacy systems to the cloud servers. As cloud migration is a tricky and complex process, Shivaami made sure that all of their data were migrated safely without impacting their productivity.

  • Cost-effective Platforms

During these unprecedented times, many faced challenges in generating revenue for the company. For seamless operation, Shivaami implemented the cloud and emailing solutions immediately for the companies by assessing their needs.

With our skilled team members, we were able to drastically reduce their costs for the hardware and for the maintenance of on-site servers.

  • Making Remote Work possible

Though Teleworking already existed in the cloud services. However, many were afraid of this idea assuming there would be many technical difficulties.

Along with providing suitable Google Workspace plans, Shivaami cloud services ensure that our clients have sufficient product knowledge to use the tools at their full potential.

After moving to cloud solutions, many organizations are not aware of the features or tools that they can use in their day-to-day work. Shivaami ensures that there is sufficient training provided so that they can utilize Google Workspace for effective communication and collaboration.

  • Empowering Education Industry

A decade ago, many educational institutes had to invest a ton of money in purchasing the per license for the software and they had to repurchase it again whenever there was a newer version of it available.

Today, thanks to SaaS (software-as-a-service) they can now pay low and predictable monthly costs rather than an expensive license.

The facility along with the teachers and students need not rely on heavy hardware to continue their classes remotely.

Shivaami reached out to these institutes and helped them with a suitable G Suite for Education plans. With this, they were able to reach out to their students anytime, anywhere.

One year of Covid-19 has completely transformed the digital platform. In these years of digital transformation, Shivaami has helped approximately 1500 clients to move successfully to Cloud Solutions.

With its commitment towards the latest technology and passion to fulfill the customer’s needs. Shivaami is one step ahead and leading in the Cloud Industry.

To know more on how to take your business to the cloud, get in touch with us at or call us on 7757 84 1333 to connect with one of our specialists.

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  1. It’s great to see how Shivaami came to the rescue for small businesses. Great work!

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