Managed Services

A dedicated Enterprise Email Solution expert for your email on a flexible monthly cost model.

Your email is the lifeline of your business, enabling cost-effective, instant dialogue and collaboration between individuals and groups, regardless of location and making sure that it is up all the time is most important function. We at Shivaami, understand your concerns and we have designed a simple yet effective Managed Email Solution for your business.

Backed by our expert managed service teams, Shivaami supports, monitors and maintains the entire stack of your Cloud Solutions connected with your Enterprise Email Solution. Our flexible service allows you to either retain control of user account access or delegate it to Shivaami, depending on your preference and business requirements.

Shivaami’s Managed Email solution includes all aspects of the build, management, maintenance, backup and monitoring of your Cloud Email Service.

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Managed Email Services

Keeps email services stable and controlled through incident, change and capacity management.

Protection from malware, phishing and other attacks.

24x7 monitoring.

Transition and migration management.

Access to highly skilled resources on demand: your customised managed email environment delivered by experts.

Retain control and and flexibility.

Email archiving and backup.