Shivaami Triumphs as Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year 2023 in India

Punit Thakker/ August 30, 2023/ News

In an era dominated by digital transformation and cloud computing, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their operations and remain competitive in the market. Google Cloud, with its cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive suite of services, has emerged as a key player in the cloud industry. Recognizing the critical role of partners in delivering these services to businesses, Google

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Safeguarding Business: Cyber Security Threats & Solutions

Punit Thakker/ May 25, 2023/ Cloud Solution

Exploring Cyber Security Threats and Solutions In today’s digital age, cyber security threats are becoming a big concern for businesses and individuals across the globe. Hackers and cyber criminals are always looking for vulnerabilities in networks, systems, and devices to exploit for personal gain. This article aims to explore the various types of cyber security threats and solutions that can

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Duet AI for Google Workspace – New Way of Working

Punit Thakker/ May 17, 2023/ Productivity

Google is continuing to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance its productivity tools, and its latest offering, Duet AI for Google Workspace, is set to revolutionize the way users work with Gmail, Docs, Meet, and more. What is Duet for Google Workspace? With Duet AI, Google aims to empower users with a range of new AI features that

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Understanding the Concept of Hybrid Cloud and Its Benefits

Punit Thakker/ March 16, 2023/ Cloud Solution

Cloud computing has now become integral to digital operations all over the world. Whether it is a startup, an SME or a large enterprise, delivery of services and running business operations online has become the norm, and that’s what we call ‘cloud computing’ in common language. It includes storage of data, networking, data analytics and database management etc. By choosing

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Transform Your Data Workflows Through Sheetgo Solutions from Shivaami

Punit Thakker/ January 31, 2023/ Cloud Solution

In almost every industry, data gathering, compilation, and sharing are key to strategic and routine operational activities. However, the long hours spent on manually entering data from one sheet to another make work tedious, boring, and error-prone apart from slow. The ordeal doesn’t just end there because one needs to again work on that data to generate actionable insights from

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Google Workspace: A Multitude of Features and Plans

Punit Thakker/ January 23, 2023/ Cloud Email Solutions

Communication and collaboration between personnel are essential for any modern business. Whether you are a startup, an SME, or a multinational enterprise, the more superior your digital working framework is, the more efficient and successful your employees will be.  In the post-pandemic scenario of hybrid and remote working, the ability to choose the right suite of work tools has become

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Four ways to improve collaboration leveraging the power of Google Workspace

Punit Thakker/ January 10, 2023/ Productivity

Do you wish to build a more connected organisation so your employees can collaborate more effectively, across teams, to achieve project objectives in 2023? Here are a few key proven benefits of using a powerful set of tools offered by Google Workspace and a look at the project management challenges they solve. First, let’s take a look at what collaboration

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9 Major Google Workspace Updates in 2022 that You Must Know About

Punit Thakker/ December 25, 2022/ Productivity

Google Workspace (earlier known as G Suite) is a world-class suite of web applications aimed at enabling the corporate workforce to work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly in a hybrid work culture. Integration of a wide range of tools such as Gmail, Docs, Meet, Cloud Search, Chat, Calendar, and others, makes Google Workspace an ideal choice for all users in 2023. 

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