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You will have to raise your query with any of our service channels given below. You will receive a detailed response within 24 hours, depending upon the priority of the query. Requesting you to raise a ticket at website on

Call Us at Our Support Number and speak to

    India - Pratima Attarde, Manager.

    Call - +91 775 784 1333 Ext : 2 or   Email -

    USA - Mr.Kunal Thacker, Director.

    Call - +1 408 333 4844 Ext : 3 or   Email -

    Please provide us with your ticket number, domain name, your name, and mobile number for quicker resolution of your query.

Escalation to a higher authority

If your query has not been resolved to your satisfaction as per Step 2, you can escalate this complaint to Chetana Chaudhari by writing to us email at or our CEO at Please mention the query reference number assigned to you for speedy resolution.