Web-based Email or Email Client. Which is Better?

Punit Thakker/ March 27, 2020/ Productivity/ 0 comments

Over since the Internet came to India and email became the mainstay of communication, the question ‘Which is better for my use, Webmail or an Email Client? ‘ We at Shivaami take the opportunity to end this debate once and for all. To begin with, let us see the pros for Webmail: There is no need to download any email

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How Google Cloud is Helping Users and Companies During Covid 19

Punit Thakker/ March 24, 2020/ Productivity/ 0 comments

In these unpredictable times, when the world is gripped by the fear of the Covid 19 virus pandemic, companies still have to keep functioning by giving users the Work from Home options. Various governments are announcing packages, etc. to those immediately affected by the virus and those who might be affected. In keeping with this trend, companies are following the

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Legacy Storage vs Cloud Storage

Punit Thakker/ March 19, 2020/ Productivity/ 0 comments

When we speak about the storage of data, four significant aspects are paramount and taken into account by companies and the IT Managers: Security High Availablity Infrastructure Deployment cost Early on, the preferred storage medium was on-site, where-in IT Managers would backup and store data either on hard disk partitions / external hard disk/tape drive/NAS boxes. This translated into significant

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Why you should move from your legacy storage infrastructure to the Cloud Computing

Punit Thakker/ March 17, 2020/ Productivity/ 0 comments

‘Legacy Storage’ is a term which may sound vague to many people. However, IT administrators would more or less be familiar with it. Legacy Storage is a term used for functional hardware or software which may be either outdated or unsupported. For example, Microsoft Windows XP was the choice of many people and companies. However, it is now considered obsolete

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