About Shivaami

Google is the first name that comes to mind when you think of making your online life easier. Shivaami has quickly established itself as a Google Cloud Solutions company. At Shivaami, we help our clients understand the potential of the cloud to help their businesses grow.

Shivaami is an authorized partner for Google Cloud and has a team of experts directly trained by Google. Punit Thakkar founded Shivaami in 2004 with a vision to allow companies to drive the growth of their business and optimize their requirements with flexibility. Today, cloud computing is drastically changing the online business environment and helping businesses run faster at reduced costs. Shivaami combines its commitment to the latest technology with our passion to fulfill customer needs and help businesses grow faster and more efficiently.

Company Vision &



Our vision is to become the most sought-after name as a cloud email solution provider globally. We will do this with passion and relentless commitment to client needs.


Our company’s mission is to enhance people’s abilities and the performance of their organizations. With the help of a Cloud based collaboration suite and trained professionals we help businesses drive growth and achieve more.

Our Values