Explore the Power of Google AppSheet with Shivaami

Punit Thakker/ November 9, 2022/ Cloud Solution

In today’s time, digital transformation is on the priority list of all business organizations. Depending upon the industry, there is a need to innovate and create smart applications that can give businesses a competitive edge, greater employee engagement, and superior customer experience. One of the biggest reasons that make companies lag in their digital journeys despite having no intention to

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Revolutionizing the Financial Sector with Google Workspace

Punit Thakker/ November 1, 2022/ Cloud Email Solutions

Google first built its way into the corporate work environment through Google Search, and Gmail, and eventually established itself as a key business productivity enhancer through G Suite. For anyone who had used G Suite, it is not a secret that the Google product was way more than an email option. Now, in its modern and upgraded avatar as Google

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