How other Industries are harnessing the power of cloud

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Traditionally, cloud platforms were designed to serve a specific purpose. But, in recent years, cloud platforms have evolved to provide features and specifications that meet the needs of various industries and customers.

As businesses across the globe embrace cloud services, cloud providers are building tools and solutions that are industry-specific they will benefit from.

We have compiled a list of various industries that are now leveraging the power of cloud technology & taking their business to the next level.

Healthcare Industry

For obvious reasons, the healthcare industry prioritizes clients’ security, and privacy. To ensure proper care of client details, most cloud storage providers provide HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare professionals are gradually starting to use the cloud to store client information.

Cloud-based diagnosis systems are another development in cloud healthcare. These are diagnostic and treatment tools that use machine learning and predictive analytics to render medical diagnoses and recommendations.

Automobile Industry

Automotive industries are creating operating systems, cloud-based applications, and the Internet of things (IoT), a diverse range of softwares all with the help of cloud computing platforms.

For example, Volkswagen is one of the automotive companies embracing transformative technology for a digital future.

Entertainment Industry

With characteristic features such as scalability & the pay-as-you-go model, many entertainment industries are taking advantage of it.

The migration to the cloud has helped the company expand its client base without investing in expensive facilities. This is how the entertainment industry is using cloud computing, and it is a major reason for its growth.

For example:
Netflix takes advantage of the scalability of cloud computing. Netflix’s on-demand streaming services cause major spikes in server load during peak hours.

Education Sector

It is important for schools to have access to the most up-to-date technologies in order to provide the best education.

This allows students to access all of the information they need in one location, and it also allows teachers to easily administer assignments.

It also provides students with protection because the school sometimes gathers highly confidential information.

Financial Industry

The financial industry’s main concern was security, but with the use of cloud computing, the financial industry has gained the upper hand over it.

Tier 3, class 1 data, encrypted information, and restricted access credentials for sensitive data are all accessible.

This allows financial institutions to complete routine activities such as customer interaction and billing with ease.

The financial sector has been transformed by cloud computing.


Cloud Technology is no longer an option but a great opportunity that many can benefit from.

The manufacturing industry can synchronize data from different sources into a single dashboard using cloud storage, saving employees time and effort for manually moving data from one device to another.

It also helps in data synchronization by classifying a single point of information and enabling access to it through the internet.


Prior to the pandemic, many businesses were hesitant to try these technologies however last year cloud technology came to the rescue. Many small and medium-sized businesses were able to operate because of Cloud services & had a positive impact due to effective collaboration.

Not just the IT industry, but several other sectors were able to work remotely and sustain themselves in these difficult times with coronavirus and made a big shift to the cloud.

Cloud computing brings a range of advantages to businesses, including the ability to scale up your needs without thinking about hardware, lower innovation costs, choose the right computer for the job, gain insights from data wherever it is stored, and simplify operations.

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