The G Suite Legacy Free Edition is ending… So, What’s Next?

Punit Thakker/ April 26, 2022/ Cloud Email Solutions

Emailing on in-house server systems is no longer an option. Organizations now work and function in a different way as a result of technological innovations. One such innovation is G Suite legacy free edition by Google. With the G Suite legacy free edition, business organizations can have an email address ending with their own website domain rather than the “” address. Therefore providing them with an official identity in the market. 

The G Suite legacy free edition features Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Chat, and much more. From email solutions to organizing video meetings with colleagues, it takes care of everything. It was the perfect digital tool for all your official work. G Suite became a necessity for businesses as the hybrid method of work became a reality. 

But now Google has planned to end the G Suite legacy free edition. And now organizations are in a fix. 

Being users of G Suite for a long time, now they are worried as to what they should do next? 

What is the next course of action?

No worries, upgrade to Google Workspace Paid Subscription. Google has just rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace in order to fulfill the needs of their highly distributed users from all over the world. Google Workspace features all the core services like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Chat, and much more for better integration. These applications are designed for better productivity, communication, and collaboration. 

If you are a user of the GSuite legacy free edition, then Google will give you a choice to upgrade to a Google Workspace paid plan that meets the needs of your business. But what happens when you do not take a Google Workspace paid subscription. Well, then from June 27, 2022, Google will automatically switch you to Google Workspace paid edition. But in order to complete the conversion and avoid suspension, the user will have to fill in the billing details on the Admin console prior to August 1, 2022, as charges will begin.

The main concern of the users while upgrading to Google Workspace will be data safety.  Upgrading to Google Workspace has no effect on your data or service availability. Therefore, Google has thought about everything. There are various plans for Google Workspace depending on the number of users, and features you want now and in the future. The various plans include: 

  • Business Starter Edition
  • Business Standard Edition
  • Business Plus Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Worried about which plan to take? How to go about the process? No worries. We at Shivaami are there to help you. 

Shivaami, as a Google Cloud Partner, assists you in adopting cloud solutions that can accelerate your digital transformation journey and help you achieve your business objectives. Since 2008, Shivaami has been supplying cloud solutions to the Indian market. Currently, we have a customer base of 11, 000 clients from various verticals. 

We have Google Cloud and Google Workspace experts to guide and assist you at each step. Contact us at +917757841333 to know more. 


We’ve modified how we work in the previous two years. Things are different now, from holding virtual meetings to working offline, organizations now work in a hybrid mode. 

During the hybrid way of work, the GSuite legacy free edition aided businesses. And now, for a more seamless working experience, Google has upgraded the G Suite legacy free edition to Google Workspace

Therefore making things simple and uncomplicated for organizations. 

Common Questions on G Suite Legacy Free Edition:

  1. What will be my Google subscription, in case I do not take any plan?Google will automatically start a plan for you depending on the features you are presently using in G Suite Legacy Free Edition.
  2. What effect will the transition have on my current G Suite legacy free edition?The G Suite legacy free edition subscription and its related services will continue to function as before, until you choose either to upgrade to Google Workspace or wait for Google to upgrade you automatically by June 1, 2022.
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