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Punit Thakker/ November 9, 2022/ Cloud Solution

In today’s time, digital transformation is on the priority list of all business organizations. Depending upon the industry, there is a need to innovate and create smart applications that can give businesses a competitive edge, greater employee engagement, and superior customer experience.

One of the biggest reasons that make companies lag in their digital journeys despite having no intention to do so is the lack of adequate resources to make it happen. However, the emergence of cloud-based solutions such as Google Cloud’s AppSheet has now enabled businesses across sizes, industries, and locations, to overcome this challenge.

What is AppSheet?

AppSheet is a no-code application development framework from Google Cloud that enables users to build desired mobile, tablet or desktop browser-based apps by using data from Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft 365, and other such widely used cloud-based spreadsheet and database systems.

It is a game-changing software that can seamlessly work with various other Google products such as Google Sheets, Excel, Salesforce, and other applications to exchange data. The platform has a very simple interface that enables even beginner-level coders with almost negligible coding proficiency to build full-fledged web applications easily.

AppSheet Features

The various features of AppSheet facilitate the building of apps without coding knowledge, and it can help in business workflow automation and streamlining. Thus, it can not only boost employee productivity significantly but also enhance the customer experience through smart apps. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this cloud software:

Supports multiple platforms – The AppSheet can help businesses build applications for iOS, Android, or web browsers without the need to write even a single line of code.

Data Integration – Appsheet can work seamlessly for anyone using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Microsoft 365, SQL, or other leading data providers as the primary source of data inputs.

Data Capture – It is a dynamic platform that helps in capturing data on the go with text, images, pre-filled checkboxes, QR codes, bar codes, signatures, GPS, and various other forms of data.

Ability to customize user interface – One of the most important aspects of any app is that it should have an effective and appealing layout. The AppSheet allows users to customize colours, icons, images, fonts, and other essential resources to create a dynamic app.

Automation of workflows – The platform enables automation of workflows to make processes and reporting simpler and create rules based on the main app prompt or pre-determined times.

Accessible offline – AppSheet can also work offline without any trouble. Thus, it can be used by employees, anywhere, anytime.

The feature-rich AppSheet has a number of benefits for the business users such as the following.

Fast build time – Without any need to learn to code, users can custom-build feature-rich and appealing applications using the free app templates.

Team empowerment – AppSheet offers adequate space for your employees to innovate and create apps that help them streamline their work.

Making workplaces safer – AppSheet offers employees all the tools that are necessary to work safely and with greater efficiency.

Streamlining of office work – AppSheet can collaborate with other Google apps such as Google Workspace to enhance productivity and automate workflows.

Delivering superior customer experience – Using AppSheet enables businesses to create a smoother customer experience by making business operations simpler.

User-friendly apps – The apps built through AppSheet can be fully customized. All that you need to do is simply connect your locally stored data or the databases stored in the cloud.

Because of its immense benefits and easy integration with Gmail, Google AppSheet enables a diversity of use cases for the digital sector. For instance, they can create apps to streamline customer engagement and experience. For the manufacturing or e-commerce sector, an inventory management app to track and create a log of incoming and outgoing items. Similar use cases are also beneficial for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or government sector enterprises. Further, it can also help create apps that connect employees working in the fields such as construction, transportation, or other frontline roles. AppSheet can enable managers to custom-build applications to report any incidents, and thefts and also to monitor as well as eliminate safety challenges.

Choosing Shivaami as a Service Partner

When you are undertaking a digital transformation journey, the best option is to go for a service partner with ample global expertise and experience. As a prominent cloud service company, Shivaami has been helping its clients with products and services such as cloud solutions, deployment, and data migration services. With Shivaami you can get compliance, cloud security, and security testing services of a world-class level. As a Google Cloud Partner, the vast expertise of working with Google platforms and services such as AppSheet enables Shivaami to offer the most impactful, consistent, and reliable services to its clients.

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