Google Meet With Enterprise Features is FREE*

Punit Thakker/ April 28, 2020/ Productivity/ 0 comments

With more and more companies moving towards the Work From Home model, meetings and data collaboration has become very important. We want to help your company be well connected and more and more productive. However, for the rare implementation challenge, we at Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt Ltd are offering our expertise in configuring and training your company to make the most of Google Meet Quickstart offer.

In the current scenario, businesses need a continuity plan, thereby making video conferencing and data collaboration extremely crucial. To overcome the impediment of common meetings, which are either one to one, one to many, and many to many, there are several video conferencing tools available on the Internet. However, these come with several restrictions and also may have several security flaws that expose your PC to hackers. 

Google Meet with Enterprise features has now become FREE till 30th September 2020. This tool, which is already a part of the Google Cloud Suite, offers the ability to have a common video conferencing for up to 250 participants and also broadcast to up to 100000 viewers, making it the ideal platform for companies. Google Suite is known for the high level of security that it offers, thereby ensuring that your data, meeting, etc. are not compromised.

Google has come out with a Google Meet Quickstart Offer which offers the following:

  • Easy screen sharing
  • Adaptive layouts
  • No time limit on meeting duration
  • Live captions
  • Host meetings with up to 250 participants
  • Live stream to 100k viewers
  • Record meetings to watch or share later

To take advantage of this offer you can contact Shivaami on 7757814333


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