Google Workspace or Rediffmail Pro: Which is Best for Your Business?

Punit Thakker/ February 9, 2023/ Cloud Email Solutions

For all of us in 2023, work has become a lot different than how it used to be a few years ago. Chances are you might be reading this while working from a location that’s not your company’s physical office. Digital communication, file-sharing through a tool like Google Drive and working collaboratively online, are the norm. Even when you are in office, you would still attend meetings through a software like Google Meet on a regular basis. In this digitized version of ‘work’, smart work solutions such as Google Workspace or Rediffmail Pro come across as the enablers of efficiency and convenience. 

From doctors offering video consultations, labs sending test results as pdf on email to project teams working real-time online or an NGO running a fundraiser, everything is now being done digitally. Thus, what you need is a comprehensive, affordable and advanced productivity suite that helps you do better wherever you are and whichever industry you belong to. In this article, let’s undertake a comparison between Google Workspace and Rediffmail Pro to understand which one is a better option for you.

Google Workspace (GWS)Google Workspace is the modern version of the productivity suite that was earlier known as G Suite. It is one of the most widely used productivity solutions in the world, and Google has created it by bringing together a diversity of tools that can help users take care of all the regular office activities. These include Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and others. Whether an employee works from home, in office, on a train or in the field, Google Workspace can keep everyone connected and facilitates usage through a mobile device or a desktop as per the preference. 

Rediffmail Pro – As you can guess from the name itself, Rediffmail PRO is a premium and paid email account for the businesses that offers features like multiple email IDs, POP3 access, bigger storage, 10MB attachment limit for the emails along with virus scan, and anytime, anywhere access to facilitate seamless and quick communication between businesses and their employees. 

To clearly understand the difference between Google Workspace and Rediffmail, it is important to compare the features of these two solutions on five key parameters. Let’s go ahead and do the comparison between Google Workspace and Rediffmail PRO:

Email features – Google Workspace offers 30 GB unified storage including Drive whereas Rediffmail Pro offers up to 25 GB mail storage. Each email can be sent to up to 2,000 recipients within the organization and up to 500 recipients externally through GWS, but Rediffmail Pro doesn’t have any such defined details on number of recipients allowed. Migration to GWS is seamless, but one can migrate to Rediffmail only if the data is compatible with Rediff format. Both can be accessed on all popular mobile OS such as android, iPhone, Windows Phone or Blackberry. However, GWS takes the lead when it comes to desktop clients. You can access GWS on IMAP, POP, and MAPI with the help GASMO tool whereas Rediffmail Pro offers POP, and IMAP (only if subscribed).

Security Features – GWS takes email security to the next level, and offers options such as Spam and virus protection, Email and IP Address blacklisting, Content search blocking, Content and Attachment compliance as well as other compliances, Complete mobile device management, alerts through email and ability to generate reports through admin console. On the other hand, Rediffmail Pro offers limited spam and virus protection, email and IP address blacklisting and whitelisting, and inbound/outbound routing policies. It doesn’t have the features of mobile device management, content compliance or alerts and reports.

Messaging – GWS offers a wide range of chat and video messaging capabilities that vary across plans, and it also offers access to Google sites as well as Blogger, Google’s own blog site. Rediffmail Pro offers only intradomain chatting, but no video communication support.

Productivity – This is where GWS truly runs away with the comparison between Google Workspace and Rediffmail Pro. With features like Word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, Google Forms and drawing app, GWS makes digital working a breeze. Users can real-time collaborate on everything apart from the Google Forms. Offline editing, viewing and restoring revision history is possible with GWS, but not with Rediffmail Pro. Both the products have reasonably good file import and export features. 

Calendar – Google has one of the best calendar tools to offer as a part of GWS. Organizing tasks, scheduling appointments, setting alerts and notifications as well as sharing of task progress or ownership is extremely convenient with GWS. Rediffmail Pro offers only basic calendar features. 

Another major difference between Google Workspace and Rediffmail Pro is that GWS offers integration with third-party apps available on Google Marketplace, but Rediffmail Pro has no such features. 

Comparison between Google Workspace and Rediffmail Pro plans

GWS offers a diversity of plans to suit different organization sizes and operational needs. This includes the Business Starter plan, Business Plus plan, Rediffmail Pro Basic plan, and the Enterprise plan. 

For the users who wish to switch from an email service to a holistic office work suite, the best option is to undertake migration from Rediff to Gmail (GWS) as it will truly empower the teams to work digitally from anywhere and anytime. When you choose a reliable Google Workspace Reseller like Shivaami, it will take care of the entire migration process seamlessly. 


Email Features  Google Workspace   Rediffmail Pro
Storage  ✔ 30 GB  ✔ 25 GB
Recipient  ✔ Allows 2000 internally and 500 externally  X
Migration  ✔Seamless Migration  ✔- can only migrate if data is compatible with Rediff
Desktop  ✔ IMAP, POP, MAPI  ✔ IMPA (if Subscribed), POP


Security Features  Google Workspace   Rediffmail Pro
Spam & Virus Protection ✔  ✔- limited 
E-mail/IP Address Blacklisting  ✔ 
Content search blocking,  ✔  X
Content and Attachment  X
Complete mobile device management  X


Messaging Features  Google Workspace   Rediffmail Pro
Chat / Video Conferencing ✔  ✔- only chat but no Video features 
Social  ✔ Google Sites and Blogs  X


Productivity Features  Google Workspace   Rediffmail Pro
Words Processing  ✔  X
Presentations ✔   X
Spreadsheets ✔  X
Forms X
Drawing App X
Real Time collaboration  X
Offline editing  X
Revision/Versioning X
Import & Export


Calendar Features  Google Workspace   Rediffmail Pro
Organizing ✔  Basic Calendar Management Available
Scheduling Appointments Basic Calendar Management Available
Setting alerts and notification  ✔  Basic Calendar Management Available
Sharing Task progress Basic Calendar Management Available


Other Features  Google Workspace   Rediffmail Pro
Integration with third-party apps ✔  X

Why Choose Shivaami

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A look at the diversity of features offered by GWS and Rediffmail Pro makes it clear that while GWS is a full-fledged business productivity suite, Rediffmail Pro is purely an enterprise email solution. For any business that is looking at improving efficiency, speed and accuracy of its workforce, GWS has to be the obvious choice. However, if you just want a good email service, and are more concerned about the cost then only you should go for Rediff! For a detailed comparison in tabular format, please request here.

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