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Punit Thakker/ January 31, 2023/ Cloud Solution

In almost every industry, data gathering, compilation, and sharing are key to strategic and routine operational activities. However, the long hours spent on manually entering data from one sheet to another make work tedious, boring, and error-prone apart from slow. The ordeal doesn’t just end there because one needs to again work on that data to generate actionable insights from the datasets. 

Imagine the kind of efficiency and comfort you could bring into your business operations if there were tools that could automate all these tasks into a simple workflow!

That’s what Sheetgo brings to the table.

What is Sheetgo

Sheetgo is a smart no-code automation tool for teams. It offers the ability to create custom workflows that can help users collect, manage and share data, directly from a spreadsheet. 

Sheetgo can push and pull data between different worksheet tools such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and CSV files. It can compile and combine the data and apply filters to create an easy-to-use master sheet. In today’s scenario, when almost in every industry and organization some or the other teams work in a hybrid mode with some personnel on-premises and others working remotely or on the go, Sheetgo is the tool to bank on. 

Usage of Sheetgo enables the creation of automated workflows that can dynamically shift data from one sheet to another, and from one person to another. This facilitates seamless and swift collaboration and connected working for the whole team no matter whether they are working on-premises or remotely. Here are some of the key benefits that Sheetgo offers its users:

  • Users can consolidate data and merge data inputs from up to 80 sheets into a single master sheet
  • Automatically split, merge or filter the data and control how it is transferred without leaving the Sheetgo App.
  • Sheetgo enables creation of custom forms with spreadsheet data and automation of inputs. One can get real-time responses in the sheet, and live insights through the dashboard.
  • Sheetgo enables easy PDF conversion of sheets for easy sharing and the mail merge option allows sending of custom emails in bulk.
  • Ability to append new data underneath historical entries to create a log
  • Users can schedule automatic updates for timeframes ranging from hourly to monthly
  • Upon saving the connection, the source data appears in a new tab in the destination file
  • Sheetgo has a powerful filter that helps move the precise data that users need. You can filter it by condition, or colour or use a query
  • Users can create a connection to send data from a source spreadsheet to a destination spreadsheet, without affecting the source file in any manner
  • With Sheetgo, it is possible to create connections within workflows. You can see how the data is connected and copy the workflow for other departments or clients

As the official Sheetgo partner in India, Shivaami offers a diversity of options that can help users across different departments achieve the best outcomes through cloud automation software. Let’s take a look at how Sheetgo can benefit users across different functional verticals:

Human Resources – From OKR tracking to maintaining employee timesheets, creating event registrations or company culture sheets, everything becomes seamless and quick

Marketing – Creating marketing KPI templates or even connecting Google Ads to Google Sheets has been simplified by Sheetgo

Inventory – Sheetgo enables users to create inventory management templates as well as Inventory lending templates in Excel or Google Sheets

Sales – Users can create sales report templates, sales lead trackers, and invoice generator templates in Excel or Sheets easily

Finance – Sheetgo offers budget as well as profit and loss statement templates for faster and more accurate workflows

Education – Usage of the Sheetgo app facilitates collection and sharing of data across the school faculty. Teachers can track student grades and attendance conveniently. The customizable, and user-friendly spreadsheets allow organizing of events and sharing assignments. 

Project Management – Sheetgo simplifies project management by facilitating convenient outlining, development and execution of projects. Project Managers can track progress and share the details with people who are directly involved with the project or specifically need that information. 

Sheetgo Plans and pricing

As a prominent cloud solutions company enabling a diversity of clients across countries to harness the power of the cloud for business growth, Shivaami is well-versed in the fact that different organizations have different needs. That’s why Shivaami offers various Sheetgo plans and pricing options that are customized as per the use case. You can contact Shivaami Sales Team here, and discover the right plan or pricing option for you. 


Sheetgo started off as a self-funded venture and has grown to become an international company operating out of locations in US, Brazil, Spain, and Germany. Sheetgo has paying users in more than 70 countries, and it has won various awards such as the honour of being the Most Scalable Startup at the South Summit Awards, Top IT Startup in Spain & Portugal award at the Emprendedores XXI Awards, and Sheetgo has also been named as Europe’s Best B2B Enterprise Service. Now, Sheetgo is on a mission to serve over 1 billion users globally in the years to come. Go ahead and explore the power of Shivaami’s Sheetgo plans for your business today!

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