Google Workspace: A Multitude of Features and Plans

Punit Thakker/ January 23, 2023/ Cloud Email Solutions

Communication and collaboration between personnel are essential for any modern business. Whether you are a startup, an SME, or a multinational enterprise, the more superior your digital working framework is, the more efficient and successful your employees will be. 

In the post-pandemic scenario of hybrid and remote working, the ability to choose the right suite of work tools has become even more critical. While almost every single company uses email management services nowadays, the key is to opt for a solution that integrates all the tools and features that a person would need to work in a digital environment.

Email, data storage, collaborative working on documents and presentations, video calls, team meetings, coding, etc are things that an ideal platform should offer. The good thing is that Google Workspace (GWS) does all that and more.

Since it is a cloud-based suite of communication and productivity tools, GWS is able to score over most email solutions that can work with only the desktop versions of tools. The best thing about Google Workspace edition is that Gmail is the native solution integrated into it. Renowned as the world’s leading email platform, Gmail is fast, simple, safer, and compatible with almost every third-party solution globally. GWS inherits all these features. Even from a price point, the Google Workspace edition works to your advantage as there are plans to suit every organization’s needs and budgets.

Let’s take a look at various Google Workspace plans below!


 2,520/User/Year + Tax


 10,080/User/Year + Tax


 15,120/User/Year + Tax


Price on Request

Customised and secure business email based on Gmail platform Customised and secure business email based on Gmail platform Customised and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention Customised and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention, S/MIME Encryption
Video meetings involving up to 100 participants Video meetings of up to 150 participants + recording Up to 300 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking 500 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, in-domain live streaming
30 GB cloud storage per user 2 TB cloud storage per user 5 TB cloud storage per user As per need
Security and management controls Security and management controls Enhanced security and management controls including Vault and advanced endpoint management Advanced security management and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions and enterprise endpoint management
Standard Support Standard Support (option for paid upgrade to Enhanced Support) Standard Support (option for paid upgrade to Enhanced Support) Enhanced support (option for paid premium support)

As is evident from the various plans available, Google Workspace pricing is affordable for organizations across the spectrum. Business Starter is an ideal option for startups and small businesses, a business standard for mid-sized companies, a business plus for companies in the growth stage, and as the name suggests, an Enterprise plan is ideal for large organizations. 

Apart from the highly affordable price points for yearly subscriptions, Google Workspace also offers a wide range of benefits which are available to users across the plans. These include:

Data Safety – You can store, access, manage and share files with the secured Google Workspace platform. Cloud storage enables access to your data even if you lose it from your computers.

Seamless sharing – Ease of sharing of data files, presentations, and documents is one of the best things about GWS in today’s hybrid working. You can also choose to define whether the other person can only view the files or make changes to them as well.

Ample storage – GWS will ensure that you get all the storage needed for your applications, data, files, docs, media, etc. 

Affordability – As mentioned above, there are highly affordable GWS plans and users can also benefit from features like eDiscovery, pay as per need, unlimited data storage, etc.

Custom email ID – All the Google Workspace plans come with ownership of the email accounts. You will get a custom email domain ( instead of the that free users get. Thus, there is a great business reputation to leverage alongside the features of Gmail.

CRM integrations – GWS offers easy compatibility with CRM solutions. Thus, companies can easily integrate and undertake communication-related roles such as customer service or sales tasks like tracking leads, prospects, etc.

If you are an organization or even a solo entrepreneur setting up his company’s digital footprint through email management products, it is highly advisable to go for the Google Workspace edition. It is a cloud platform built for productivity enhancement and integrates all the tools that you would need to work on the go or from the office. The suite of diverse apps in a single window would surely transform the way you and your teams work if you are using other email solutions as of now. 

Moreover, as there are multiple Google Workspace plans, you can easily undertake Google Workspace plan comparison and select the plan as your business needs grow. You can upgrade plans if your storage needs exceed the existing plan or you wish to upgrade customer service, and add more users to the video meetings. 

Google Workspace for Education

In fact, there are also dedicated plans for the education sector. These are advanced Google Workspace editions that can ensure that your school or educational institution can continue to run and operate classes digitally even if there is a disruption to the on-premises classes. The Google Workspace for Education provides a number of tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom, Assignment, Sites, Groups, Drive, Admin, tasks, Jamboard, etc.

Formerly known as G Suite for Education, it is an advanced educational tool that allows all staff and students of educational institutions to log into a single place instead of paying a lot of money as subscriptions for different tools to different providers. Shivaami is an internationally reputed Google Workspace for Education partner, and it believes in the mission of providing access to advanced technology for education to all. Shivaami has successfully collaborated with a number of schools and educational institutions in India and offers all four Google Workspace for Education plans mentioned below.

  • Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals
  • Google Workspace for Education Standard
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus

Google Workspace Frontline Edition

In the wake of the pandemic, frontline workers in healthcare, sanitation, public management, and security as well as administrative services are operating as frontline workers. Google Workspace Frontline Edition includes collaboration and communication tools designed specially for frontline workers. It includes a number of standard Google tools such as Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Chat, and Sites. 

G Suite Legacy Free Edition

If you are a former G Suite Legacy edition user, you would already know how impactful the platform used to be. The seamless integration of Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, Chat, and other options transformed the way people emailed, held video meetings with colleagues, and did all the official work. Now, subscribing to Google Workspace plans would ideally be the natural progression for you. It is an enhanced avatar of the G Suite Legacy free edition that will offer you even superior productivity, collaboration, and communication at a highly affordable price. 


As your business enters the post-pandemic revival stage, it is apt that you make the switch to Google Workspace through the expert support and handholding of a renowned brand like Shivaami. As a leading international provider of cloud solutions, Shivaami has also been a prominent Google Workspace Reseller in India.

The company provides the entire range of cloud productivity as well as security solutions such as VMCs, NeuMails, GoDMARC, GoSimulator, SSL, etc. With offices in major metros such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi and a global presence in California and New Jersey in the US, Shivaami is always going to be the perfect partner to help you with the right Google Workspace Plans. Go ahead and enjoy the power of the Google Workspace edition for your business!

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