Today, companies are willing to stay more innovative and competitive than ever before. Every business wants to focus more on increasing employee productivity, automating processes, and enhancing the customer experience.

Although many companies aspire for digital transformation, they lack the resources to make it happen. This is where applications such as AppSheet can turn the whole table for you. Building apps without having to learn how to code opens up a world of possibilities.

Shivaami has partnered with Google Cloud’s no-code application platform - AppSheet to help our customers rethink the way they deliver smarter, faster results. AppSheet is the no-code development platform, which allows everyone to create a powerful app without having to write a single code line.

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Do you want to enhance your customer experience?

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Multi-Support Platform

The AppSheet platform helps anyone to build an app for iOS, Android, or the web without writing a single line of code.

Data Integration

AppSheet works seamlessly if anyone is using Google Workspace (G Suite), Microsoft 365, SQL, or other leading data providers as their primary data source.

Data Capture

Helps to capture data on the go with the text, images, pre-filled checkboxes, QR codes, bar codes, signatures, GPS & more.

Customize User Interface

The right layout can not only be elegant but effective. Customize colors, icons, images, fonts, and other fundamental resources to make the application vibrant.

Automate Workflow

To make processes and reporting easier, build customer workflow rules based on the main app prompts or predetermined times.

Offline Access

AppSheet apps can work offline as well. This means that your employees can work no matter where they are.

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Benefits of


Reduce Build Time

Without learning to code, you can now custom build your applications with the free app templates.

Empower Your Workers

AppSheet gives the space for your employee to innovate & create apps to streamline their work

Create A Safe Workplace

AppSheet provides the employee with all the tools they need to work safely & efficiently.

Streamline Office Work

AppSheet collaborates with other Google apps to increase productivity & automate the workflow.

Enhances Customer Service

Create a smooth customer experience by simplifying your business operations.


It can be easily customized with its no-code feature. You need to simply connect your local data or data stored in cloud.

Valuable Areas

Of AppSheet

Digital Sector

AppSheet can help you to streamline the customer interaction. By creating a Simple Inventory Manager you can track & log about the items that are moving in and out. This is relevant for the retail, healthcare & government sector.

Business operations

Manage your business data, employee resources & project workflow automation. Industries that deal with accounting, human resources, training/education can benefit from AppSheet as well.

For Frontline workers

AppSheet can help connect employees who are working in construction, transportation or field service. Examples: With the help of AppSheet you can custom build apps to report worksite incidents, identify & resolve safety issues and much more.



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Are Here

AppSheet is a no-code application development framework that allows users to build applications on mobile, tablet, and web apps using data from Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft 365, and other cloud-based spreadsheet and database systems.

AppSheet is a brilliant piece of software that integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, Excel, Salesforce, and other applications. Its user interface is very simple, allowing even beginner coders to build complete web applications with little effort.

AppSheet is a free service that allows users to build apps. However, an AppSheet subscription is required when sharing apps with users.

You can have up to 10 active users while prototyping the app for free. However, you would need to subscribe to a plan while deploying the app. To know more about plans & pricing contact our team.

AppSheet runs on iOS, Android devices, mobile and desktop browsers. It supports iOS version 11.0 or higher.