Top Three Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Punit Thakker/ February 13, 2020/ Productivity/ 0 comments

In the day-to-day work routine, the occurrence of forgetting tasks is of a significant proportion. Hence it is necessary to manage your tasks effectively. The experts at Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt. Ltd. have shortlisted 3 extensions to enhance your company’s productivity.


Todoist is one of the topmost downloaded Google Chrome for collaborating / and managing your tasks. Additionally, Todoist manages your projects also. The best part of this Google Chrome Extension is that it works seamlessly across all devices. This means that anyone who is traveling can manage their tasks and projects even when on the move.



Shivaami recommends another topnotch Task Manager for Google Chrome. TikTik is a fully customizable extension. This extension allows you to set up recurring tasks, task classification among others. The most notable feature of TikTik is that it allows you to convert your email into a task with the click of a button!



It can be very difficult to manage multiple email IDs. Imagine the chaos when an email you want to send to the Purchase Department actually goes to the IT Department! Hiver allows you to manage shared accounts from your primary Gmail inbox, assign email queries to team members, and answer questions swiftly with templates, saving your team precious time.


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