Four ways to improve collaboration leveraging the power of Google Workspace

Punit Thakker/ January 10, 2023/ Productivity

Do you wish to build a more connected organisation so your employees can collaborate more effectively, across teams, to achieve project objectives in 2023? Here are a few key proven benefits of using a powerful set of tools offered by Google Workspace and a look at the project management challenges they solve.

First, let’s take a look at what collaboration looks like in the context of a hybrid workforce in 2023. With Work from Home (WFH) becoming more acceptable, flexible models of work are here to stay. In this context, managers are looking to leverage the power of networked tools to improve both productivity and communication between teams distributed across locations and functions. 

At Shivaami, we take pride in helping our clients derive value out of platforms like Google Workspace for more seamless and efficient business processes, and we guide enterprises to make the transition to create more digitally-connected workflows, across sectors. 

Let’s look at a few advantages this brings: 

Identity management made simpler

Communication today is fragmented, with employees using WhatsApp, Slack, message boards, emails, conference calls, and weekly meetings to stay in touch and exchange project-critical information. The coming of an integrated tool like Google Workspace changes all of that, by funneling data flows onto a single platform for easier data management.

Google Workspace offers our customers a range of options, via email, chat, the use of rooms and breakout spaces, documents, video calling, shared calendars, and more, acting as a one-stop solution with a single login for multiple functions. 2023, will see more and more companies embrace the power of umbrella tools to unify communication across their organisation, for greater convenience and ease of use. 

73% of managers believe flexible working arrangements* have increased productivity, with 60% agreeing the same of employees who choose to work from home.


Improving collaboration between different functions 

Are you spending hours on operational tasks, like setting up meetings, and ensuring availability across team members and time zones? Tools like Google Workspace are ushering in flexibility and allowing employees to make decisions faster. For instance, shared calendars help you see when others are available and schedule meetings with automated email invites.

What’s more, individual team members can easily work on documents, spreadsheets, and slides, across multiple devices, with or without the internet. And collaboration is made easier because several members (within and outside the company) can work on a single project, using built-in chat, ask questions in comments, and track edits made because every change is saved in real-time.

The coming of Google Cloud which makes file-sharing over email unnecessary is also a big step in this direction, helping ease bottlenecks and storage space constraints. 

No-Code solutions help automate repetitive tasks

Automation does not always have to be an expensive or time-consuming affair. At Shivaami we empower our clients with AppSheet no-code solutions so they can easily automate complicated manual tasks, like populating a form, extracting data at the click of a button, and dragging and dropping applications to suit specific use cases.

Firms reported a substantial 14% overall average productivity gain that study*

participants attributed the use of Google Workspace.

IDC Report, The Business Value of Google Workspace, June ‘22

Better analytics for improved decision-making and security 

Dashboards prove to be lifesavers in today’s rushed day and age allowing stakeholders to keep track of app performance and permissions with a single glance at the Google Admin Console. Worried about usage, data security, and permission-led access, want to track the IP address or the flows of sensitive information within your industry?

Shivaami’s clients operate in sectors like Fintech, Pharma, and Retail, where information security is paramount, and multiple dashboards enable decision-makers to track and manage data better, and create granular controls to prevent data misuse and reduce security risks to the system. 

Going forward, at Shivaami we look to build on our knowledge base to help new and existing customers to move away from legacy practices and embrace the power of cloud communication and digital collaboration, for a truly secure, connected, and efficient workplace. 

For feedback and more case studies on enterprise digital transformation and Google Workplace success stories enabled by Shivaami, please contact our sales desk or get in touch with us in the comments section.

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