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Google Chrome Enterprise is the business-focused solution for Chrome devices, browser, and operating system. Chrome Enterprise offers cloud-based management tools, integrations with third-party products and 24X7 support for IT administrators.

Chrome Enterprise license adds to the speed, simplicity, and security of Chrome OS – unlocking the controls and functionality that organizations need. This provides a cost-effective and secure way to mobilize your employees.

Chrome Enterprise

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Looking for advanced phishing detection tool?

Are you facing the data security issue?

Do you want to mobilize your team effectively?

Wish to modernize IT infra?

Features of Chrome Enterprise

Simple and secure mobile and desktop browser that has inbuilt several features for its users.

Increase employee productivity, optimize the user experience that syncs user and browser across different devices.
Manage all the Chrome devices flexibly through Chrome Management and third-party EMMs (Enterprise Mobility Management).
With multi-layered end-to-end security, get control and accessibility over all the devices.
Receive automatic security and OS update, Chrome remote desktop support, and 24X7 enterprise support.

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Benefits of Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise gives two-way communication, helps in simplifying the activities and gives many benefits.

Powerful and Flexible
Robust with a cloud-native OS to give a flexible working experience.
Easy Accessibility
Access a single sign up feature that helps users to automatically log in to their accounts.
Multiple layer security and automatic updates make Chrome devices safe, affordable and durable.
Tackles Complexity
Tackle business operational, productivity and security complexities.

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Chrome Enterprise is a simple and secured device browser that integrates seamlessly with Chrome products, Google Cloud Platform, and the G Suite.

Chrome Enterprise comes up with single login feature which automatically logs in the user browser’s account. All the vital information can be operated from any device.

Chrome Enterprise is a highly secured tool that has multiple-layer security. It protects the company, users data and also controls device accessibility.

Chrome Enterprise is a tool used to provide excellent user experience and also increases employee productivity. Moreover, it syncs the user and browsers across devices.

A user can easily configure and manage legacy browser extension support. The users can seamlessly access their older browser and apps with any device.

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