As enterprises increasingly adopt public cloud platforms and SaaS applications for a leaner, more streamlined way to accomplish business-related tasks, they face the substantial challenge of negotiating the widely varying security and privacy frameworks of these services.

GarbleCloud has a novel suite of data-centric security and privacy-enhancing techniques that not only enables such a security framework to be established but also provides several value-added features that enhance user productivity and platform interoperability. Shivaami is the GarbleCloud Partner in India and would like to serve every customer with the best cloud storage encryption software.


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Features of GarbleCloud

Security Functions Overview GarbleCloud adds a functional security layer around the data stored within a cloud application. For instance, by linking a cloud storage account to GarbleCloud, you can encrypt your files before uploading them to your storage service.

Data Security, Aggregation & Interoperability from GarbleCloud
GarbleCloud consolidates multiple cloud storage services into a single, intuitive interface. By doing so, it can extend new feature support from one service to other services that do not provide them natively. For example, search over document content is not possible in Dropbox, but GarbleCloud facilitates full-text search across all connected cloud accounts, whether they provide them natively or not.
Policy-Based Data Security
It also allows users to define their own data protection policies using an intuitive, easy to use interface. Specifying appropriate constraints by the owner for an encrypted file or secure-folder can be used to restrict access and sharing of sensitive files. Such restrictions can also be defined based on the content of the files instead of explicitly binding them to a specific file or folder. This allows for an easily manageable security framework to protect and regulate access to sensitive content across all connected cloud platforms.
Searching Encrypted Documents
Search over encrypted files is enabled through our proprietary solutions for secure data annotation and function computation. Our document annotation scheme not only minimizes the risk of information leakage but also it leverages Google’s superior indexing and search functionality to implement efficient and scalable search over large encrypted document repositories. Search queries are appropriately transformed to allow execution on the encrypted data, thereby revealing minimal information. All sensitive data is appropriately encrypted to protect your content in transit.

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Benefits of GarbleCloud

Protect Sensitive Data Across Clouds Powerful, yet easy to use policy-based enterprise file encryption (AES-256) and seamless key management allow for regulated access that ensures your data is always safe.

Secure Sharing & Collaboration
Share files across clouds with simple drag-n-drop! Collaborate on files or documents, and create secure folders for managing multiple files, with access & sharing policies.
Multi-cloud Aggregation
By enabling inter-cloud operations (search, file transfer, etc.), across G Suite, Drive Enterprise, Google Drive & DropBox, GarbleCloud saves time and effort – leading to better productivity and worry-free data control.
Powerful, Secure Search
Support for full-text content search on encrypted documents. GarbleCloud leverages a proprietary model of Google’s superior indexing and search functionality to help users easily find encrypted documents.

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Currently, the user can use their GarbleCloud account with G Suite, Drive Enterprise, Google Drive & Dropbox (with Google sign-in). Currently, we allow 4 cloud accounts per user.

Individuals and organizations that value data security & privacy for their cloud applications are ideal GarbleCloud users.

Yes, GarbleCloud is built for individual users and small teams looking to secure their content on cloud applications.

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