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Chrome OS Flex for Work

Management of legacy systems, slow boot times, and invasive updates waste the time of IT employees. Chrome OS provides a seamless working experience for IT organizations. To help organizations in a better way, Google has acquired Neverware. They are the developers of CloudReady, an operating system built on Chromium OS. And now Google is integrating the features of CloudReady and developing a new version of Chrome OS. That is Chrome OS Flex.

Chrome OS Flex will replace Neverware CloudReady

Modernize the way you work with Chrome OS Flex. It is a free-to-download operating system that is built for businesses and schools. It is entirely compatible with the cloud-based management of Google. Easily installable, it runs on almost all computers and can help in recycling your old systems. It offers users the benefits of Chrome OS on their PCs and Macs.

Being a Google Cloud Partner, Shivaami provides your business Chrome OS Flex, that can help you achieve your best. With it, one can secure the Chrome environment and confidently embrace the cloud infra.

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Looking for a secured and flexible operating system?

Want to embrace cloud resources?

Do you want a scalable Chrome device environment?

Is device security a priority?

Chrome OS Flex


Secure Work Experience

Chrome OS Flex offers quick access to all web applications and an intuitive experience for all users. It boots up in seconds and doesn't lag over time.

Protection Against The Latest Threats

Security is an integral part of Chrome OS Flex. It has built-in protection against threats like viruses, phishing, and ransomware. With Sandboxing technology, threats are confined to a specific application or tab. Google Safe Browsing notifies users about malicious sites beforehand.

Simple Deployment and Management

Users can install Chrome OS Flex into their systems within minutes with the help of IT through USB and network deployment. Once login is done, users can download the cloud profile and all their settings, policies, and bookmarks are synced.

Sustainable Solution

With Chrome OS Flex, users can refresh their old PCs with a better operating system to reduce e-waste.

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Benefits of

Chrome OS Flex

No Need for Antivirus Software

With blocked executables and other proactive technologies, there is no need for antivirus software.

Same Code Base

Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS have the same code base that provides a compatible end-user and IT experience.

Easy Sharing

Share web pages and files with nearby devices.

Chrome OS Flex




Parents and Students

Those looking for a better OS

What’s included

Automatic security and feature updates


Public and private schools

Districts, MATs, and LEAs

Other educational institutions

What’s included

Same as Home Edition+

Email and phone support

Full compatibility with Chrome management and the Google Admin Console


Startups and small businesses


Public sector orgs and government

Other entities

What’s included

Same as Education Edition+

Professional support for deployment and configuration from pilot to purchase



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A simple and fast, cloud-based operating system for Macs and PCs. Designed to refresh your older devices for increased productivity.

Chrome OS Flex helps in revamping your old devices to Chrome desktops, which in turn saves energy.

Google supports Android apps on Chromebooks, but on Chrome OS Flex devices no support is available.

Customers using CloudReady Edition will have to purchase the Chrome OS Flex Enterprise Edition. Others will update automatically.