A data center for your desktop, phone and tablet where you can access all files you need including Google services. Chromebox runs on the Chrome operating system. It generally features a power switch, a set of connections to support a keyboard, a pointing device and one or more monitors.

Chromeboxes will help you boost your productivity at work, get access to your data and encourages effortless collaboration by using Google Workspace for business as well as Android apps.

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Wish to have full connectivity for everyone at home?

Are you looking for a secure device?

Need a slim and compact device that can fit anywhere?

Want easy access to thousands of latest apps in Chrome OS?




Affordable device that provides maximum functionality.

Robust Device

Many in-built hardware options integrated within the system that enables powerful and robust performance.


Users can access web applications fast and in real-time.


With multiple layers of security, Chromebox is a safe and secure device for users.

Easy Collaboration

Create, edit and share files in real time. Everyone can work on the same page and synchronize in the cloud.

Automatic Updates

Chromebox keeps updating itself regularly. Therefore, users will get the latest features to use with Chromebox.

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Benefits of



Easy to use, manage and operate. It also simplifies daily business tasks.


Lightweight and highly portable device that users can carry anywhere.


Chromebox is one of the most flexible and compatible devices one can ever use.


Chromebox comes with the latest hardware that enables a system to start faster within a few seconds.

Easy setup:

Remote management functionalities simplify to configure a virtual desktop or a digital device.



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Are Here

Yes, Chromebox is safe for use and perfect for sharing with easily switchable accounts that keeps all your data private and secure.

Easy to use, Chromebox takes the hassle out of your business with its simple functionalities.

Chromebox is easy to carry wherever a user wants. They are portable and travel-friendly.

One can check the serial number under the label of a Chromebox unit.

Chromebox is a secure device as it is designed with multiple layers of security.