A signature at the end of a professional email isn't just a social convention. It aids in communication, building brand image, and long-term impression. Another tool for marketing your organization or yourself is a professional email signature.

Sign.UseWise Apps allows you to establish and deploy consistent email signatures across all organizations, also keeps your domain in check, and easily manages your Google Workspace office productivity suite - all from one place.

Sign.UseWise is the only app in the Marketplace that allows you to assign email signatures to users, groups, organizational units, or even entire domains and create Send As addresses for users and groups. Shivaami Cloud Services is a worldwide Premier partner of Sign.UseWise & exclusive partner of India. When you purchase directly from Shivaami, it enables you to get approved for up to a 6-month trial and special pricing for India.


If You Have These Questions

Looking to create professional email signatures for your company?

Are you looking for a reliable email management solution?

Do you wish to use a ready-made email signature template?

Want to quickly create & deploy email signatures?


Email signature management
Set signatures for users, groups, organizational units, or domains. Create custom signatures for different departments within the company. It also allows you to create a signature email template using a template gallery or HTML editor with directory fields.
Marketing campaigns
Easy customizable data fields/attributes. Create corporate logos, photos, banners, and social media links in signatures. Via Marketing planner adds a personalized banner and CTA (call to action) to your email signatures.
Send as Management
With ease, set Send As addresses for user aliases and groups. Create custom templates for each Send As address that the user owns.
Support for Multiple Domains
Keep track of expiration dates for domains and authentication methods like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI.
Security Embedded
Secure and Reliable - No routing or SMTP settings are required. Signatures are part of the Gmail solution, so there are no proxies in the way.

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Managing email signature
Using email signatures helps you to increase sales and improve your brand image.
Quick installation & deployment
Its simple & secure installation from the Google Workspace marketplace makes it a unique app.
Seamless integration with Google Workspace
Keep all your users, groups, organizational units, and domains in one place.
Centralized management
You have complete control over email signatures across companies and support for large organizations.
Access to Rich templates gallery
Creating templates with an intuitive WYSIWYG signature editor and a variety of tested templates and images to choose from.

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Shivaami is a Cloud Solutions Company helping clients realize the exciting potential of the cloud to help their businesses grow. We are a leading cloud service company, providing cloud solutions, deployment, and data migration services since 2004. We are an authorized Google Workspace reseller in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and many other cities in India, providing 24*7 support and service to our clients.
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Sign.UseWise is an email signature management software as a service that allows you to produce professional and consistent email signatures for all of your employees from one place.

A business email signature is necessary for all employee emails to appear professional and for receivers to recognize your brand. Email signatures also allow recipients to interact with your brand by directing them to your website and social media accounts via clickable links. The addition of disclaimers also assures that all of your business email signatures are legal.

An email signature can be used by anyone who has an email address. To offer a clear brand image on an email, everyone from the single entrepreneur to all email-using staff of multinational organizations should use email signatures. Whether your company has 10 employees in a single office or 1000s around the globe, Sign.UseWise app ensures complete email signature brand consistency via centralised control.

Sign.Usewise app offers monthly and annual plans wherein you can set up this app for 30 users as per the charges applicable. If you want to add 30+ users additional charges will be applied.

Keep your email signature consistent with your brand, clean and straightforward, and include all of the most important details. Along with branded and interactive design features, try limiting contact information to just three or four lines of text. .

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