Chromebit is one the easiest “plug and play devices” available in the market used to transform the older monitor into a new desktop. Built on Google’s Chrome operating system, it is a moveable gadget which can turn any screen into a full-fledged Chrome OS device with the help of HDMI extension.

Affordable and reliable, this device helps in creating a digital signage display easily. Devices like Chromebit will revolutionize your business without investing in any expensive equipment.

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Want to transform your TV into a smart monitor TV?

Do you need a powerful and compatible device for digital signage?

Are you looking for a cost effective, scalable solution?

Do you want to control all your display devices via one click?




Small and portable pocket device, easier to handle anywhere.

Operating System

Runs on the Chrome operating system and gets updated automatically.


Handles lightweight surfing, Google Docs, Sheets and other Chrome OS apps easily.


16 GB Flash memory storage and easily accessible USB 2.0 slot to expand the storage.


Comes up with HDMI extender cable and 4 hook loop stickers to set up Chromebit.

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Benefits of


Built-in Security

Automatically updates to provide the latest features and virus protection.


Affordable and reliable, it requires no maintenance.

Good Performance

With automatic updates, it is a secure digital platform that enables good performance.

100 GB of Google Drive

Comes with free 100 GB of Google Drive storage.



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Are Here

  • If you see the system update icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click on it and select “Restart to Update” when the option appears.
  • For manually checking the updates, you can click on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click on “settings” and select “About Chrome OS” at the top of the settings screen.
  • In the next screen that pops up click on the option to “check for and apply the update”.

Chromebit runs on the latest Chrome operating system, that updates automatically and features anti-virus software for security.

    Yes, follow the below steps :

  • Click the bottom right corner of your desktop screen to open the menu and select (Settings)
  • Under the Internet settings, check the box to “Allow proxies for shared networks” and click on the “WiFi network” entry.
  • When a list of the available wireless network appears, click on the wireless network you are going to connect to.
  • More settings will appear for your connected wireless network and click on the “Proxy” tab to access those settings and change as needed.

    To adjust monitor resolution in Chromebit, please follow the steps:

  • Take the mouse to the right-bottom corner of the desktop and then click on “Settings”
  • Select Display Settings
  • Select Resolution Settings
  • Select the resolution you need.
  • Accept the resolution you selected

Click on the bottom right corner of the desktop, select “settings” choose “About Chrome OS.” Users will get all the information related to Chrome OS.