Google Apps Script Solutions

Google Apps Script is a powerful and versatile scripting platform that empowers users to automate and customize their experiences within various Google Workspace applications, such as Google Sheets, Docs, Gmail, and Calendar. This scripting environment is based on JavaScript, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned developers. With Google Apps Script, you can create scripts to streamline repetitive tasks, enhance productivity, and add custom functionalities to Google's suite of applications.

One of the standout features of Google Apps Script is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other Google services and external APIs. This allows users to extend the functionality of their favorite Google apps, from automating data manipulation and reporting in Google Sheets to creating custom email templates and responses in Gmail. Whether it's automating data entry, generating personalized email campaigns, or creating interactive web apps, Google Apps Script serves as a versatile tool to make your daily work more efficient and tailored to your specific needs.

Types of Scripts

At Shivaami, we understand the importance of efficiency and automation in your organization. That's why we offer a range of Google Apps Script solutions to streamline and simplify various tasks. These custom scripts are designed to enhance productivity by automating repetitive processes and making your work more efficient.

Form Reminder Script

This script is a handy tool to send reminders for forms, ensuring that important submissions are not missed.

Automation for Sending Birthday Wishes

Make your organization's birthday celebrations special by automatically sending personalized birthday wishes via Gmail.

Delete the Keyword from GDrive

Admin can easily manage user’s Google Drive by searching for specific keywords and deleting files or folders that match your criteria.

Delete Mail Using Subject

Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes by automatically removing emails with a particular subject, helping you stay organized.

No Form Response Reminder

Keep track of pending form responses by using this script to send reminders via email, ensuring no response goes unnoticed.

Delete Mail by Label

Organize your email by deleting messages from existing labels, making your inbox more manageable.

Get Events (Calendar App)

Effortlessly list all calendar events in a Google Sheet for better scheduling and planning.

Listing File Details in Google Sheet

This script is a time-saver, allowing you to list file details from Google Drive directly into Google Sheets.

List All Files in Folder to Google Sheet

Simplify file management by listing all files in a specific folder directly in a Google Sheet.

List All Folders in Drive to Google Sheet

Streamline your folder organization by listing all folders in your Google Drive directly to a Google Sheet.

Google Drive Permission Restrict for Files and Folders Script

Enhance security by managing and restricting permissions for your Google Drive files and folders, ensuring data privacy.

Calendar Cleanup Script

Keep your calendar organized by easily deleting events within a specified date range or from a specific calendar.

Delete Gdrive Folder

This script allows you to delete a specific Google Drive folder using its folder ID, simplifying folder management with the power of Apps Script.

Transfer Folder

Automate the transfer of files and subfolders from one folder to another using this script, ensuring smooth organization of your digital assets.

Last Login of All Users Report

Deployed as a script, this tool generates a report detailing the last login activities of all users and sends it to your admin team, providing insights into user activity.

Update Bulk of Users Details

Streamline user management in the Admin Directory with this script, enabling you to update user details in bulk, saving time and reducing administrative workload.

User Email Box Cleanup

Take control of email storage with this script that automates the bulk deletion of emails within a specific date range, ideal for maintaining a tidy mailbox at the admin level.

List File Size of Gdrive in GSheet

Gain a comprehensive view of file sizes in Google Drive by listing them in a Google Sheet, helping you manage storage efficiently.

List of Inactive Users

Easily identify inactive users within a specific domain, generate a report, and have it delivered to your Gmail inbox for a specific date range.

Count & List of Users on Gmail and GSheet

Keep track of user counts and list both active and inactive accounts on Gmail, simplifying user management with this script.

Gmail Mail Deletion

Automate the deletion of emails older than a specific number of days at the domain level, ensuring that your Gmail remains clutter-free.

Check Drive Storage

Stay informed about your Google Drive's storage status. This script checks storage utilization and sends alerts if it exceeds 90%, offering customization options for mail receivers and content.

Count Label Mail

Get a count of emails within specific labels and have them listed in a Google Sheet, facilitating email organization and tracking.

Get Google Contacts

Extract contact information from your Google account, including names, email addresses, and contact numbers, and print them in a Google Sheet for easy access.

Get CC and BCC Mail

This script fetches CC and BCC emails sent to recipients outside the domain and lists them in a Google Sheet for reference and tracking.

Get Tree Structure

Automatically retrieve the tree structure of folders in Google Drive and have it neatly organized in a Google Sheet, simplifying navigation and organization.

Get User List

Fetch a comprehensive list of users for the admin and have it printed in a Google Sheet for easy reference and management.

Trash Mail

Automate the process of moving emails to the trash folder that are older than 7 days, keeping your inbox clean and organized.

Delete Mail

Permanently delete emails that are older than 7 days, ensuring they do not clutter your mailbox.

Get Mail from Label and Forward

Fetch all emails from a specific label and forward them to a designated user, streamlining communication and collaboration.

File Backup

This script creates a copy of a file and stores it in a specified location, ensuring data security and redundancy.

Delete by X Number of Days

Use this script to delete emails based on a specific number of days using custom filters, helping you keep your inbox clean.

2 Step Approval

Simplify the process of obtaining two-step approvals using this script, making decision-making more efficient and structured.

External Domain Contact Sync | Directory Sync

This script facilitates the synchronization of Google contacts shared with external domains, ensuring accurate and up-to-date contact information.

Gmail Signature

Easily set Gmail signatures for organization users with the help of this Apps Script, ensuring a consistent and professional email communication.

Filters Data by Month/Year

This script provides data for previous months in your Google Sheet using triggers, enabling you to analyze historical trends and patterns.

Filter Data by ID and Count Unique Users

Remove duplicate data and count unique entries by email, making data analysis more accurate and efficient.

Create Bulk of Users in Admin Console

Simplify the process of creating a bulk of users in the Admin Console, saving time and effort in user management.

Update Bulk of Users in Admin Console

Streamline user updates in the Admin Console with this script, ensuring accurate and efficient user management.

Listing All Users Details of Admin Console in Google Sheet

List all user details from the Admin Console in a Google Sheet for easy access and reference.

Listing All Folders in Shared Drive to Google Sheet

Automate the listing of folders in a shared drive in a Google Sheet, simplifying folder management.

Drive Folder/Files Full Paths Using Apps Script

Fetch folder and file full paths from Google Drive and display them in a Google Sheet for easy access and organization.

Get and Set the Label in Shared Drive Using Apps Script

Manage labels in shared drives by retrieving and setting labels using file IDs with this script.

Fetch Shared Drive ID with Permission

Easily fetch shared drive IDs with their respective permissions to keep track of shared resources.

Email Logs Report

Access email logs and generate reports from the admin console with this script, providing valuable insights into email communications.

Get Room ID in Google Calendar

Retrieve the names of existing rooms in the admin console and associated events with this script, simplifying room booking and management.

Move All Users From One OU to Another in Google Workspace

Automate the process of moving all users from one organizational unit (OU) to another using Google Apps Script.

Get All Events Details (Meeting Link, Recording Link, Duration)

Retrieve details of all events, including Google Meeting links, recording links, and event durations for effective event management.

Copy of Suspend Users

Suspend users and maintain a record of suspended users' history for reference and auditing.

These Google Apps Script solutions are designed to make your organization more efficient, reduce manual tasks, and improve overall productivity. Explore our scripts and discover how automation can transform the way you work. If you have any questions or need assistance with implementing these solutions, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

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