AGS moved to

Google Cloud

AGS is a leading integrated omni-channel payment solutions provider in India, recognized for its dynamic and forward-thinking approach in delivering digital and cash-based solutions to banks and corporate clients. As the second-largest company in India in terms of revenue from ATM managed services and cash management, AGS offers a range of customized products and services. This includes ATM and Cash Recycler Machines outsourcing, cash management solutions, digital payment solutions such as merchant services, transaction processing, and mobile wallets. Additionally, AGS is a major player in deploying POS terminals at petroleum outlets in India and has pioneered Integrated Payment Solutions (IPS) with Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

What they wanted to do

AGS Group, leading payment solutions company, partnered with Shivaami, a Premium Google Cloud Partner, to address security concerns, scalability issues, and poor infra performance in their Azure infrastructure.

What they did

    AGS deployed a Next-Gen Firewall from Google's Marketplace, providing advanced threat protection and intrusion detection. Shivaami also implemented organizational policies to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to security standards.AGS is well-positioned to leverage Google Cloud's services and capabilities. Shivaami continues to provide ongoing support, guiding AGS in their cloud evolution, innovation, and expansion. The collaboration has transformed AGS's cloud infrastructure into a secure, adaptable, and high-performing ecosystem, ready for future growth and pioneering endeavors.

What they achieved

  • Implementation of advanced security features, including Identity and Access Management, encryption at rest and in transit, and real-time threat detection.
  • Strengthened security through firewall rules, encryption protocols, and NGFW protections, resulting in an airtight security framework.
  • Architected a Shared VPC environment, streamlining the administration of networking resources while maintaining network segmentation between distinct projects.
  • Established organizational policies to guarantee AGS's compliance with industry-specific regulations and internal security standards.
  • Facilitated secure connectivity between AGS's Google Cloud environment and their on-premises infrastructure via VPN.


  • Industry: Payment Solution Provider
  • Old Infrastructure: Azure
  • Number of Employees: 10000+


AGS, a leading payment solutions provider in India, faced several challenges during their transition to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The multifaceted obstacles included the need for a secure and well-structured network infrastructure, fine-tuning of Identity and Access Management (IAM) configurations, and alignment with organizational policies. AGS sought a solution that could provide uncompromising security, scalability, and performance in their new cloud environment.


  • Enabled network segmentation between distinct projects for flexibility and organization.
  • Ensured access to GCP resources only for authorized personnel.
  • Simplified connectivity, reduced data transfer costs, and enhanced network efficiency.
  • Facilitated secure connectivity between AGS's Google Cloud environment and on-premises infrastructure.
  • Deployed Google's Marketplace NGFW for advanced threat protection.


AGS now benefits from a robust security framework with fine-tuned IAM configurations, firewall rules, encryption protocols, and the deployment of a Next-Gen Firewall. This ensures comprehensive protection against evolving cybersecurity threats. Shivaami's meticulous IAM setup and organizational policy implementation ensure that AGS's cloud environment complies with industry-specific regulations and internal security standards. This guarantees a secure and compliant operation of AGS's cloud infrastructure.

VPN connectivity between AGS's Google Cloud environment and their on-premises infrastructure enables secure and uncomplicated data exchange. This hybrid cloud approach facilitates seamless integration between the cloud and on-premises systems.The deployment of a Next-Gen Firewall from Google's Marketplace provides AGS with advanced threat protection, intrusion detection, and enhanced firewall capabilities. This further fortifies the security posture of AGS's cloud environment.