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Amkette Analytics Ltd. moved to

Google Workspace

Through Shivaami, the premier resellers of Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite), Amkette Analytics Ltd. opted for Google Workspace for Business to streamline coordination and collaboration among its employees and add value to its business.


Amkette Analytics Ltd is the single-source solution for all your laboratory and process on instrumentation needs. For more than 10 years the company has instilled confidence in the most trusted brands in the country, enabling them to select high-quality products. The company offers a complete range of sophisticated, specialized scientific instruments with the highest degree of accuracy and precision. The Amkette Analytics catalog is recognised as the most definitive source for scientific instruments and supplies available today. Amkette Analytics provides holistic support to its clients. It brings products, people and partners together to provide well-engineered solutions for all your laboratory equipment needs.


The inadequate infrastructure for messaging and collaboration was a hindrance to smooth operation within the organization. Department heads had difficulty in monitoring emails from a widely dispersed audience. Setting up a ticketing system for sales and customer support proved complex. There were restrictions to accessing emails which created inefficiency and loss of productivity. Managing the field force was cumbersome. Coordination between all members of the team became was increasingly difficult.


Shivaami was just the solution Amkette Analytics was looking for. Shivaami enabled Amkette implement Google Workspace for users across its multiple operations. Freshdesk helped in generating tickets. Compliance setting enabled department heads to monitor mails. Google Workspace facilitated email access on multiple devices with POP connection using recent keywords. Google mobile management enforced policies on employee mobile access. Google Workspace was easy to set up and was operational in a very limited time. Gmail made communication easier and more streamlined.

Google Workspace was easy to set up and was operational in a very limited time. Gmail made communication easier and more streamlined.


Users across the company are excited with the switch to Google Workspace that Shivaami made possible. The company has standardized on Gmail which enables better administrator control department-wise. There is an ease in accessing emails which has led to better communication and collaboration. Amkette Analytics has been able to greatly improve efficiency and productivity. And, importantly, Google Workspace has enabled the company to ensure a consistency of performance and high standard of deliverables.

This has resulted in greater customer confidence. Amkette Analytics is being seen as the quality standard in the industry.

“With the help of Shivaami, we implemented Google Workspace which has proved a valuable support to the company’s business where precision and accuracy are the norm. It has enabled Amkette Analytics deliver quality time after time. It is this certainty that our customers value,” says a spokesperson for the company.

“The Amkette Analytics catalog is a valuable source for selecting scientific instruments and supplies. We always refer to it before making a choice,” says the director of a leading laboratory.