D&H Secheron moved to

Google Workspace Basic

D&H Secheron is a major manufacturer of welding consumables in India. D&H Sécheron, established in 1966, is an ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001:2015, and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited company that provides consumables, equipment, training, and fabrication for the welding industry. The three watchwords have been quality, innovation, and import substitution. D&H Sécheron has gained this unique distinction by offering ‘Complete Welding Support.'

What they wanted to do

  • Improve employee access and security control to emails and data storage via single panel.
  • Collect Advance Drive Audit Reports.
  • Management aims to do more with the company's compliance policy for data security.
  • Minimum server downtime.

What they did

    Switched to Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) Basic Plan for better communication and collaboration across locations.

What they achieved

  • Increased User security, Admin control, and Device management.
  • Use of Google workspace features resulted in increased cost savings for the company.
  • Reduces email client support by 80% & system dependency.
  • 99.9% Google uptime SLA.


  • Industry: Welding Consumables Manufacturer
  • Old Email Service: Yahoo
  • Number of Employees: 220+


Earlier, our client was using Yahoo mail service. Data migration via DMS and GSMME was not allowed. An IT professional will have a tough time dealing with the problem caused by the local host email service. Yahoo does not support MDM, Drive, or other compliance features.


With the recommendation and support of Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt.Ltd, D&H Secheron made the switch to Google Workspace (G Suite) Basic Plan on October 16, 2020.

Shivaami guided D&H Secheron through a comprehensive migration process. The Shivaami project management team organized planning meetings, established success criteria, chose the initial set of Google Workspace (G suite) products and features, and handled any problems that occurred.

The deployment services consisted of

  • Provisioning of Google Workspace Account.
  • Migrated Email through DMS.
  • Mail Routing.
  • Device Management.
  • Document Collaboration using Google Docs and Drive.
  • Google Workspace Security checklist discussed.
  • File storage and File share using Google Drive.
  • Change Management and online training.

The program was introduced. Changes were made to DNS settings, network access to Google Workspace (G Suite) was tested, desired settings were enforced, user accounts were provisioned, and user data was imported into Google Workspace using various methods.


D&H Secheron successfully completed the data migration process for all of its users in the Google Workspace (G suite) platform within 20-25 days, and the stakeholders/employees were very happy, based on the feedback provided. Users got the most out of Workspace by using familiar emails, contacts, calendars, and Drive appointments.

With Google Workspace (G suite), spam is now kept to a minimum with the appropriate spam filters.

Enabling device management policy, Drive and the Compliance settings allowed the internal IT team to control Gmail set up accounts.

The IT team will now devote more time to business continuity and other regulatory compliance. They believe that every issue can now be resolved efficiently.

The ease-of-use and stability of Google's cloud-based communication and collaboration tools replaced the problems and frustrations created by their old system.