For more than four decades, the FLOVEL name has been associated with the hydropower industry. FLOVEL is a full-service provider of electromechanical equipment and services for small and medium-sized hydropower plants, as well as a producer of hydraulic turbines and valves and a turnkey provider of electromechanical packages. FLOVEL is one of the top five most powerful companies in the world.

For hydropower projects, FLOVEL manufactures a full variety of Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Axial Flow turbines, and Valves. FLOVEL's strength is in its capacity to provide all-encompassing solutions (Electro Mechanical-Turnkey Packages).

  • Industry : Machinery
  • Old Email Service: G Suite Business
  • Number of Employees : 200

The client had a G suite Business license. G suite Business lacks DLP(for Gmail, Drive, and Device), IP restriction for login, Company-owned device restriction for application access, Security dashboard, investigation tool, security health, Windows device management, and other compliance options.

FLOVEL Energy Private Limited upgraded to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard on July 22, 2021, thanks to Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt.recommendation Ltd's and support.

FLOVEL Energy Private Limited was guided through the implementation process by Shivaami. Shivaami's project management team led planning meetings, created performance standards, and chose the initial set of Google Workspace goods and services, all while dealing with challenges as they emerged. The deployment services included the following:

  • Upgrading Google Workspace Account.
  • Enabling & Enforcing Advance Mobile Device Management policy
  • Windows device Management policy implementation
  • CAA policy implementation
  • SSO/SAML integration
  • OCR and Vault are enabled to retain the data for an indefinite period
  • Online training sessions and support document provided
  • Emailers, tips, and tricks provided to the customer to increase the GW adoption rate
  • Document Collaboration using Google Docs and Drive.
  • File storage and File sharing using Google Drive.
  • Change Management online workshop

Enterprise Standard features were introduced to the IT team from Flovel Energy Pvt. ltd, and assisted in testing and implementing essential features for flovel.net. The project is in observation mode since Enterprise Feature was deployed on the parent OU and has to be monitored.

  • Enabling advanced device management policy and customer controlling the corporate data.
  • Configuring CAA policy, and controlling Application access based on Company-owned devices and admin approvals.
  • Monitoring the configuration of Google Admin console settings from the security health page.
  • Monitoring Drive and Share drive activities by creating Reporting rules.

The IT department now has more time to focus on business continuity and other regulatory requirements. They feel that any issue can be fixed quickly. Device compliance took the place of their previous SKU's data security-related issues and frustrations.

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