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  • Industry: digital healthcare and digital transactional finance
  • G Suite Basic and Business Plan
  • Number of Employees: 8500+

The client was on the GSuite Basic and Business Plan. The storage is limited for a Basic user and the options/features to manage the security aspects and protect User data in the trusted device were zero-to-none. GSuite Basic changed to Starter and on Starter Plan lacked Google Vault, Advanced mobile device management, malware protection, and other compliance options.

With the recommendation and support of Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt.Ltd, Kredx made the switch to Google Workspace Business Plus and Business Starter on 22-October-2021.

Shivaami guided Kredx through a comprehensive up-gradation process. The project management group from Shivaami conducted the planning meetings, identified the performance criteria, selected the starting set of Google Workspace products & features whilst handling the issues as they arise. The deployment services consisted of

  • Upgrading Google Workspace Account.
  • Advance Mobile Device Management feature operability
  • Policy implementation
  • Vault are enabled to retain the data
  • Provided with implementation documents for Business Plus features
  • File storage and File sharing using Google Share Drive.

The project was kicked off. Google Workspace Business Starter and Business Plus licenses were provisioned for Kredx, tested the network access to Google Workspace, desired settings were introduced to Google Workspace, & implementation of security features was done.

The admins now had multiple features to secure their data in the devices provided to users through Advanced MDM, and content compliance rules. And also archive the user’s data in the Vault. Based on the feedback, the client was very satisfied.

With Google Workspace Business Plus Plan, storing, monitoring, and managing the users and rules are now more convenient.

Enabling advanced device management policy and customer controlling the corporate data, Drive, and the Compliance settings allowed the internal IT team to control Gmail set up accounts.

The IT team now has more time to devote to business continuity and other compliance. They believe any problems can be resolved efficiently. The ease-of-use and reliability provided by Google’s cloud-based communication & collaboration tool replaced the earlier challenges and frustrations caused by the previous lower plan.

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