Logicash moved to

Google Workspace (G Suite Basic)

LOGICASH was incorporated in year 2010, with a quest on engagement with people, clients and communities to help them achieve their potential. As a company that embraces corporate responsibility, we make sure there will be business context where we and our customer can thrive tomorrow and long in future.

What they wanted to do

  • Increasing the productivity by introducing cloud technology.
  • Reduce downtime , Redundancy and occurrences of lost emails.
  • Eliminate the issue of spam and server breakdowns which was on netcore.
  • Reduce IT maintenance costs with proper substitute
  • Eliminate the unnecessary expenditure on Office perpetual licenses.

What they did

    Switched to Google Workspace for better communication and collaboration across locations.

What they achieved

  • Increased higher storage and mobile accessibility.
  • Zero downtime since moving to Google Workspace
  • Stable email system that allows easy access even in areas of low Network connectivity without configuring VPN’s
  • Increased cost savings due to the use of Google Workspace features.
  • Reduces email client support by 80%
  • Remote Meetings


    LOGICASH as a Cash Management solution provider for BFSI and Retail Sector is stepping forward steadily and presenting a great vitality as an Indian player in Cash Management Industry. Our high quality service offering, state of art design and reliable performance will help our client to improve their customer interactions, service cope quickly and proactively.

  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Industry: Cash Management
  • Old Email Service: Netcore
  • Number of Employees: 500


The mail communication was the challenge as the company cannot bare loss or late reply of single mail as costing was not affordable to company. For migration only 10 days mails were available on server and rest were there in email client. Managing and uploading the pst from remote locations.


With the recommendation and support of Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt.Ltd, Logicash made the switch to Google Workspace in Dec 2017.

Shivaami guided Logicash through a comprehensive migration process. Shivaami project management team conducted the planning meetings, defined success criteria, selected the starting set of Google Workspace products and features and managed issues as they arise.

The deployment services consisted of

  • Provisioning Google Workspace Account.
  • Migrating legacy email from their email clients and email server data to Google Workspace.
  • Mail Routing.
  • Device Management.
  • Document Collaboration using Google Docs and Drive.
  • File storage and File share using Google Drive.
  • Change Management and online training.

The project was kicked off. Changes to the DNS settings were made, network access to Google Workspace was tested, the desired settings to Google Workspace were implemented, the user accounts were provisioned and the users data was migrated into Google Workspace using imap server.


In week time, we were able to get the pst data and take user live immediately, and, based on the feedback, the stakeholders/employees were very satisfied. Having familiar emails, contacts and calendar appointments gave the users the best possible experience of Google Workspace

With Gmail, spam is now kept to a minimum with the appropriate spam filters. Employees now can access their mail anywhere and minimize the dependency on systems.

Enabling device management policy allowed the internal IT team to control Gmail setup accounts on mobile device

The IT team now has more time to focus on business continuity and other compliance.They believe any problems can be resolved efficiently.

The challenges keeping on premises was replaced with Google Workspace.