PRS Permacel moved to

Google Workspace (G Suite Basic)

The company started operations in India in the late 1950s as a division of Johnson & Johnson (India) and established itself as the Indian leader in tapes manufacturing. A decade late, it entered the label-making business and pioneered specialty-print technology in the country. In August 1999, the company was taken over by the Premchand Group and named PRS Permacel. (‘Permacel’ is said to be derived from permanent cellulose tapes which still defines the core of the company’s business.)


In a quality-driven professional environment, PRS Permacel aims to achieve the preferred supplier status. It has highly-trained and experienced professionals, enabling the company to compete in a tough and demanding market.


PRS Permacel’s very reputation depends on delivering quality to a consistent world standard to all its customers. It needs to coordinate and monitor operations in dispersed manufacturing, sales and marketing units across its geography. Top priorities include upholding standardized systems and processes. These goals, in turn, spur heavy reliance on IT. Everything from maximizing the supply chain to manufacturing efficiency to hiring personnel and coordinating the efforts of its manufacturing facilities, is driven by technology. With technology systems central to supporting the company’s business, the infrastructure for messaging and collaboration was cumbersome and proved a hindrance to productivity.

The company was using Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 on-premise. On-premise management was a big issue. Precious man days were lost in managing email solutions. In addition, costs spiralled: back-up of the email server, INFRA/hardware/storage/server OS license/user CAL – added up to huge costs, adversely affecting ROI. The anti-spam solution was outsourced which meant an additional cost. Besides, archiving was also outsourced which added to the cost as well as making retrieval difficult and time-consuming.

The company evaluated the options available. Office 365 was considered but the high cost was not justified.

The company was looking for a single platform with integrated tools for email and other productivity tools. It had to be cost-effective and easy to set up and maintain. Shivaami, premier resellers of Google Workspace, helped the company implement Google Workspace for Business which proved to be the solution that best suited its needs.


Shivaami was just the solution Amkette Analytics was looking for. Shivaami enabled Amkette implement Google Workspace for users across its multiple operations. Freshdesk helped in generating tickets. Compliance setting enabled department heads to monitor mails. Google Workspace facilitated email access on multiple devices with POP connection using recent keywords. Google mobile management enforced policies on employee mobile access. Google Workspace was easy to set up and was operational in a very limited time. Gmail made communication easier and more streamlined.

Google Workspace transformed the way the company did its business. Communication across the company’s diverse operations became streamlined. It was now easier to communicate, monitor and coordinate activities and exchange ideas. It became a seamless operation that motivated teamwork and the results became evident in a very short time.


The company has moved into a completely new environment. There is no CAPEX, the mailbox size has increased substantially. The on-premise hardware, storage and back-up server is being utilized more productively. Archiving is part of the offering so that cost is eliminated. The drive has helped users improvise on their mobility. Hangout has proved to be a wonderful feature and the management is able to see an immediate ROI by investing in Google Workspace. Shivaami helped the company transform the very way it does business.

User feedback is very favorable.

“Shivaami helped us implement Google Workspace which has offered what we need at prices we never expected.”

“Other tools in Google Workspace alongside Gmail are easy to adopt. It makes coordination between different users much easier.”

“Project collaboration is so much more streamlined now that we have switched to Google Workspace.”