Pistons and Piston Pins
They ensure the production of pistons, piston pins through advanced and detailed technology that includes analysis of the 3D finite-element architecture, through their emphasis on improving the performance of locomotives, marine applications and industrial Gen sets. Their MoS2-coated pistons and pistons have additional advantages like wear and abrasion, low friction, high toughness and resistance to corrosion, ensuring the engine's long life.

Piston Rings
SPL provides the highest quality and most diverse variety of piston rings, which are made of high-quality cast iron and steel materials such as alloyed grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron, grey cast iron, and more. Our Piston rings are best for use in the modern automotive industry, which needs long-lasting strength and power. In India, as well as parts of Europe and Asia, SPRL is a major manufacturer and supplier of pistons and rings.

  • Industry : Automobile Manufacturer and Distributors
  • Old Email Service: Lotus Notes
  • Number of Employees : 1350

For email, the client was using Lotus Notes. The problem created by the local host email service can be difficult for an IT specialist to solve. MDM, Drive, and other compliance features are not supported by Lotus Notes.

With the recommendation and support of Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt.Ltd, Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd made the switch to Google Workspace Starter & Plus Plan on December 31, 2020.

Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd was led through a systematic migration process by Shivaami Cloud Services. The Shivaami project management team arranged planning meetings, set performance metrics, selected the initial set of Google Workspace (G suite) products and features, and dealt with any issues that arose.

The deployment services consisted of

  • Provisioning of Google Workspace Account.
  • Migrated Email through DMS.
  • Mail Routing.
  • Device Management.
  • Document Collaboration using Google Docs and Drive.
  • Google vault implemented
  • File storage and File share using Google Drive.
  • Change Management and online training.

The project was kicked off. Changes to the DNS settings were made, network access to Google workspace was tested, the desired settings were implemented, the user accounts were provisioned and all the users data were migrated into the new Google Workspace plan using various methods.

Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd completed the data migration process for all of its users in the Google Workspace (G suite) platform with dual delivery option, and the stakeholders/employees were extremely satisfied, according to the feedback received. Using familiar emails, contacts, calendars, and Drive appointments helped users get the most out of Google Workspace.

Spam is now held to a minimum with Google Workspace (G suite) due to spam filters.

The internal IT team was able to monitor Gmail account setup by enabling device management policy, Drive, and Compliance settings.

The IT team can now focus more of their time on business continuity and other important regulatory compliance. They believe that every issue that arises can now be resolved efficiently.

Google's cloud-based communication and collaboration tools have replaced the problems and frustrations created by its old system, with ease of use and stability.

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