Graphus - industry-leading social engineering detection

Graphus provides immediate protection and peace of mind for cloud application users by automatically eliminating social engineering – phishing, email scams, and malware attacks. The simple, powerful, and automated Graphus solution employs artificial intelligence to establish a Trust Graph™ between people, devices, and networks to reveal untrusted communication and detect threats.

Graphus offers

Ease to use – automated removal of threats without any IT intervention

High Value Targets Protection. For large enterprises - protect your most vulnerable employees.

Patented AI technology that tailors itself automatically to protect your unique attack surface.

Why Graphus?

Protect your business without the need for dedicated staff to monitor and mitigate threats.

Activate in minutes and start protecting immediately.

Pay as you grow. No fixed or upfront costs. No annual contracts required.

Graphus integrates with G Suite and Office 365 at the API-level. This tight integration provides deep insights and flexibility when it comes to delivering value to their clients. Adam Karveller, the Vice President of Information Technology stated, “The tight integration with our chosen mail and collaboration platform – G Suite for Business – was the major driving factor in choosing Graphus.”

Organizations of all sizes and various industries have chosen Graphus to protect them from email-based attacks. If your organization is experiencing phishing, spoofing, ransomware, email scams, or malicious attacks, turn to Shivaami Cloud Services and Graphus for instant protection.