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Or Call On: +91 8080 62 1001

Prism Cement Limited is one of India’s leading integrated Building Materials Company, with a wide range of products from cement, ready-mixed concrete, tiles, bath products to kitchens.

The company has three Divisions, viz. Prism Cement, H & R Johnson (India), and RMC Readymix (India). The equity shares of the company are listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges.

  • Headquarters : Mumbai
  • Industry : Manufacture
  • Legacy Systems : IBM Domino
  • Number of Employees : 1000

Scope was using a legacy messaging solution hosted on On-Premises IBM Domino Server . Since the company belongs to manufacturing domain , they had several number of hosted application on their server . So it becomes the overhead to manage all the apps and mailing solution . At the time of patch updation or any other application maintenance, the server was supposed to face the downtime which in turn also affects the availability of mailing service.Since , Mailing is one of the key thing to run a business , that’s why they have decided to make the mailing services autonomous .

With the recommendation and support of Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt.Ltd, Prism Cement made the switch to G Suite in Oct 2016.

Shivaami guided Prism Cement through a comprehensive migration process. Shivaami project management team conducted the planning meetings, defined success criteria, selected the starting set of Google Apps products and features and managed issues as they arise.

The deployment services consisted of

  • Provisioning Gsuite Accounts
  • Migrating legacy email from their email clients and email server data to GSuite.
  • Mail Routing
  • Device Management.
  • Document Collaboration using Google Docs and Drive.
  • File storage and File share using Google Drive.
  • Change Management and online training.

The project was kicked off. Changes to the DNS settings were made, network access to Google Apps was tested, the desired settings to Google Apps were implemented, the user accounts were provisioned and the users data was migrated into Google Apps using imap server.

Within 30 days , Prism Cement Limited had successfully completed the data migration process for all of its users in the platform, and, based on the feedback, the stake holders/employees were very satisfied. Having familiar emails, contacts and calendar appointments gave the users the best possible experience of Google Apps

With Gmail, spam is now kept to a minimum with the appropriate spam filters. Employees now enjoy 30GB of email storage space. Earlier employees had to save important emails on their local desktops or laptops now employees can easily access their corporate Gmail account from any Internet-enabled device.

Enabling device management policy allowed the internal IT team to control Gmail setup accounts.

The IT team now has more time to focus on business continuity and other compliance.They believe any problems can be resolved efficiently.

The challenges and frustration caused by their old system were replaced by the ease-of-use and reliability of Google’s cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions

  • Improve access to emails for staff, even in areas of low Network connectivity and without using VPN’s
  • Reduce downtime , Redundancy and occurrences of lost emails.
  • Eliminate the issue of spam and server breakdowns.
  • Reduce IT maintenance costs
  • Management wanted to do more with email
  • Eliminate the unnecessary expenditure on Office perpetual licenses.

Switched to G-Suite for better communication and collaboration across locations.

  • Increased higher storage and mobile accessibility.
  • Zero downtime since moving to Google Apps.
  • Stable email system that allows easy access even in areas of low Network connectivity without configuring VPN’s
  • Increased cost savings due to the use of Google Apps features.
  • Reduces email client support by 80%
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Technical Configuration and Data Migration process followed Prism Cement Limited

As Prism Cement wanted to move only 500 Users in initial stage . So we configured split delivery with Google Apps ( Google Apps as an primary server) . With split delivery, an incoming message is delivered to either a GSuite inbox or a legacy system inbox, depending on the recipient. This method works well if you are migrating to Gsuite from a legacy mail server, and you want to run a test with a subset of users. During the test period, the MX records for your domain point to GSuite and those users who’ve been added in the Admin console will receive messages in their GSuite inboxes.

At Prism Cement , the IBM Domino server was configured without SSL certificate . Hence we have decided to install and migrate the data using GAMME tool . The GAMME tool allows only 25 users in one instance so we have processed the migration in 5 to 6 systems where good bandwidth was enabled. Data migration was completed stemless with limited monitoring activity.