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Or Call On: +91 8080 62 1001

Spin Backup Security - Shivaami


Cloud Cybersecurity Solutions for G Suite / Google Apps

Threats Detection & Data Leak Protection

Cybersecurity for Google Apps

Spinbackup solutions help organizations to protect G Suite data against leak and loss disasters in the cloud by identifying business risks and security threats.

Key Features

Cloud Apps Audit : Automated daily scan of the 3rd-party apps 24/7 monitor and automated daily scan of the 3rd- party apps that have access to corporate data stored in the cloud helps G Suite organizations to get a clear view of all major risks for a company.
  • Risk level of the App
  • The type and description of the app
  • List of permissions granted to the app
  • Employees it has access to
  • Type of connected device
  • Blacklist of apps
Cloud Users Behavior Audit : Detection of abnormal cloud users behaviour Identifying and monitoring people who have access to the corporate data in the cloud using our adaptive and smart machine learning algorithms. 24/7 detection of abnormal behavior help to protect G Suite organizations against data loss and leak disasters.
Risky 3rd-party Apps : Granting access to risky 3rd-party apps.
Abnormal Login : Irregular login from unexpected location
Abnormal Migration : Migration of data from the corporate cloud storage to a private cloud storage
Abnormal Downloads : Downloads from the corporate cloud storage on a local device
Shared files : Sharing files public or with 3rd-party users outside the domain